Whatsapp has emerged as one of the favorite messaging Android applications which keep mobile and internet users connected with each other and also enable them to share some of the most valuable messages during anytime of the day. Moreover, it has been designed in such a beautiful way that every kind of user is able to get connected to it and use it without facing any kind of difficulty or problem.Top 5 Whatsapp Tricks That Every Whatsapp User Must Know

Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks to Try

However to make sure that every user is able to have a good time using Whatsapp he must be aware of some of Whatsapp tricks which can enable him to enjoy the app completely and take complete advantage of the features of Whatsapp which have been provided for the users to enjoy.

Operate Whatsapp on Your Computer

One can use Whatsapp on the web as well, so open the web page and enter your phone number and start using the application. However the user might be asked to punch in his code, so punch it to use it without any interruption. Users should also check the keep me signed in a tab if they wish to remain connected with Whatsapp all the time. However, if they wish to save on the data usage then the tab should be kept unchecked as this automatically log out the user of Whatsapp after some time.

Change the Number of Your Whatsapp

The user can comfortably change his Whatsapp number if he wishes to do so. Some of the simple steps have to be followed, to begin with, follow these steps-

  • Go to settings and then account.
  • The user will then be served with the option of change number.
  • Press on the tab to begin accessing this option.
  • Then feed in the details of your old mobile number which consists of the code and the phone number
  • After that, punch in details of your new country code and phone number and then save the details.
  • Once the details have been saved you can start accessing Whatsapp from a new number.

Hide the Last Seen Status on Whatsapp

One of the most talked about feature of Whatsapp is last seen, but for users who wish to maintain their privacy and would like to hide it from their friends and people on the contact list can follow the steps mentioned below. Go to the privacy settings on Whatsapp and then edit the last seen settings. Herein, users are served with three options i.e. last seen visible to friends, all or none of them and the user can make a choice according to his wish.

Save data on Whatsapp

Users available on Whatsapp might share a whole lot of messages both audio and video, and this might eat up a lot of data on their phones. Hence to allow users download messages of their wish, they get the option of stopping media download from automatic downloading. All user has to do is, go to settings and then go to media auto-download. Herein user will be served with options like media auto-download when using mobile data, Wi-Fi or when roaming and an individual can select anything according to his suitability. This way you can prevent the wastage of your mobile data and download messages which are relevant to you or is your choice.

Block/unblock contact on Whatsapp

At times, the user may not wish to receive messages from a particular person or would like to prevent the person from accessing your profile on Whatsapp, then the best Whatsapp feature to use in this case is block a contact on Whatsapp. All of you have to do is, go on to the particular contact you wish to block and hold the button against his name. Within no time the option of block contact may appear in front of you and you can choose it to block the contact. The Same procedure can be followed when you wish to unblock the contact. This feature allows the user to sort his contact list according to his own choice and also helps him maintain his privacy from the outsiders.

Our Views

Above mentioned are some of the Whatsapp tricks which every user must be aware of to have a good time using Whatsapp and to enjoy each and every amazing feature of the same. One of the best parts about this application is that it has been designed in a user-friendly manner hence user need not have to bear with any difficulty while accessing or using it. Just keep following the instructions given and within no time you would be comfortable using and accessing the app. There are many more tricks which can facilitate users to use Whatsapp extensively and to have access to all of those all one has to do is access internet websites and find out several other tricks which can be used while accessing and using Whatsapp.

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