Virtual Reality is the latest technological invention in the smartphone industry and this has created a huge global impact. VR Headsets are being made by various companies and the users are buying them to get a feel of the different world through these magnificent headsets. And now these headsets are used to revolutionise the gaming industry. Many VR games are being developed which the users can play using the VR headsets, like the Google Cardboard which brought this revolution to life. Playing these games is a never seen before experience and users worldwide are loving it and demanding more games.Top 7 VR Games for Google Cardboard

Top 7 Best VR Games for Google Cardboard

Below here, we have chosen the 7 best games which you can download on your Android smartphone and enjoy playing them in VR with Google Cardboard. So let us take a look at top 7 VR games for Google Cardboard.

BombSquad VR for Cardboard

Priced at a mere $2.99 or roughly Rs.200, BombSquad VR for Cardboard are an arcade game and one of the best virtual reality games. It comes with platformer elements. All you are required to do in this is to avoid various bombs, capture flags and enjoy in the process. You can play with a maximum of eight players. You’ll also be requiring a second device which would double up as a controller or you can also have a separate, third party controller to play this game.


Caaaaardboard! is an awesome VR headset game. This is a custom made version of the game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! And it works perfectly with Google Cardboard. The game is designed and developed specifically for VR headsets. The name may sound silly to you, but if you keep it aside, then this game will provide you with a fun and immersive experience. The game will have you diving off of buildings while performing stunts. You can play the game with tilt controls. This means that you can play the game hands-free and hence get one of the most intense gaming experiences on VR. You can download this game for Rs.150 from the Play Store.

End Space VR

Priced at Rs.80 on the Play Store, End Space VR is a first person flight shooter and amongst the best VR games. What you are required to do in this game is to pilot a spaceship and shoot other spaceships down with it. Technically, the game is an infinite runner as there isn’t any ending. But you get three environments in which you can fly around.  Waves of bad guys get difficult with each environment. This is one of the best VR games you will come across in the Play Store. There are no in-app purchases as well which makes this app a steal at Rs.80.


It is an absolutely great game which is available for free with in-app purchases on the Google PlayStore. It is one of the newest VR games and one of the few which requires both a VR headset along with a controller gamepad. The game is a third-person shooter. In this, you walk through in a campaign and kill the bad guys that come through in your path. The game also supports local multiplayer and hence you can do VR battle with your friends in the same room which ensures a lot of fun.


Available at Rs.80 from the Play Store, WAA! VR is a VR game with a unique name. In this, you play as an astronaut going on various adventures. The game uses focus as controls, hence you can select anything by just looking at it. You get a full 360-degree view and you have to defend the astronaut from incoming asteroids. The kids are definitely going to love this game.


This is a short, little and fun game which takes place in your mind or brain, as the name suggests. Basically, the game allows you to go for a journey into a patient’s brain. After entering, you are required to search the neurones that cause mental disorder and treat them. This is a very engaging game which you will definitely love.

Proton Pulse

There may only be a few fun little VR games and Proton Pulse is definitely one amongst them. It is a Google cardboard VR compatible game. The game is neon, arcade style brick breaker. It is very amusing to play for a quick hit. This is not just a demo, but it has a bunch of levels in it. Plus all the proceeds which come from the game through user purchases and donations go towards the development of the game which ensures that the game keeps on improving with regular updates.


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