You will find a plethora of web hosting providers on the internet and most of them will promise you great features with abundant resources but only a few will live up to the expectations. One such hosting provider which is loved by its customers is Temok. It has garnered a huge reputation for being one of the best web hosting providers and continues to do so. The company provides all kinds of web services along with hosting such as domain registrations, app marketing, etc. Let’s see Temok hosting review so that you can choose whether to trust it with your website or not.Temok Hosting Reviews

Best Features of Temok Web Hosting

The features of the provider are what rank it among the top rated hosting services in India. All the basic features like speed, security and reliability are ensured. Let’s see the amazing Temok web hosting features and how they can be useful to you.

Variety of Services

You will find a huge variety of services under Temok, it includes everything from web hosting to domain registrations along with logo design, web development and much more. This is great as you will find everything that you need under one roof at highly affordable prices.

Cloud Databases

When you choose a VPS web server, you also get access to cloud databases which come with a lot of advantages. When all your data is on a cloud elastic infrastructure, you can be at peace when it comes to speed, security and reliability.

Exceptional 24/7 Customer Support

In hosting services, users might face a lot of difficulties in the initial setup process and they need a dedicated team to address those queries. You can just get in touch with Temok’s quick support at their customer care number and solve your problems.

800+ Domain Extensions Available

As we saw, Temok also facilitates registration of new domains and you will have a option to choose from around 800 different domain extensions. No matter what kind of website you are planning, Temok will assure that you have a perfect domain extension for your site.

Plans and Pricing of Temok Web Hosting

The plans and pricing of the hosting provider are quite affordable and you will not need to shell out too much for its web hosting as well as other services. At times, you will also find offers, discounts as well as promo codes which you can use to get the company’s services for a relatively cheaper price. Below are the web hosting plans for various types of hosting services provided by Temok web hosting.

  • Shared Web Hosting: It is the most popular hosting service that the company provides. The plan comes with a lot of features including unlimited bandwidth, sub-domains, free setup, etc. Pricing for shared hosting starts from $4.99/year and goes up to $9.99/year. It is quite affordable for small businesses.
  • VPS Web Hosting: VPS hosting comes with much more than a shared hosting plan. It is almost as if you have the server for yourself. For better efficiency, the servers come with XEN virtualization. The pricing of the VPS servers at Temok start from $24.95/year and the best plan is available at $66.95/year.
  • Dedicated Servers: If you are a large upscale business which sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis, you must go ahead with the dedicated servers that Temok provides. You will find a lot of configurations while choosing for a dedicated server but there is a setup fee of $49.99 if you want to get a dedicated server. The per month price for dedicated servers start from $59 and goes up to $220.

Alternatively, you can also get Temok hosting coupon codes to get an additional discount over the actual price.

Final Verdict

You might also check out the various reviews and ratings of Temok hosting to know how brilliant its features and services are. It ensures affordable web hosting for small business firms too so that they can host their company’s website for a cheap price. If you are looking to host your website, we would definitely recommend Temok as it is one of the best web hosting companies in India.

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