Which Type of Room Heater is Good for Health: Buying Guide

The Winter Season is upon us once again. It is that time of the year when we admire the season for its white beauty but also curse it for its cruel weather. This is a major factor why you see a lot running to buy a heater. In fact, there is only one question on the minds of people all around. Which type of room heater is good for health? Well, the answer for that varies upon the individual health of a person, but well can help you to choose the best one for you available in the market.Room Heater Buying Guide

Best Ways to Choose a Heater for Your Bedroom

The requirement for a heater depends upon the shape of your house, your budget and preferences. You can follow our buying guide to check out the simple ways to choose a heater which can be very beneficial for you in this season.

Types of Room Heaters

On the basis of the form, the room heater types are classified as:

  1. Radiant Heaters: These are among the most commonly available type of heaters in the market because they are highly effective, safe to use and includes a number of automatic shut-off valves to control temperature. These heaters are equipped with a metal element and glowing quartz reflectors to keep your house warm.
  1. Convection Heaters: In comparison to the Radiant heaters, the convention heaters can effortlessly and quickly warm your entire room. Most of the convention heaters are usually fan assisted while you can also find a few without fan model in the market as well. These heaters draw all the air inside the room over their heating element which helps to make it warm and distribute it across the room by using a fan.

After choosing the type of the heater you want to go for, it would be useful if you take the size of the room in consideration.

Choosing a Room Heater by Coverage Area

Next up on our tips to buy a room heater is the size of the room in which you will keep your heater. The amount of area of the room in which the heater would be used is a big factor in deciding which room heater you should opt for.

  • The size of your room and the number of watts of energy required by your heater will be a huge factor in determining the effectiveness of your room heater.
  • The size to watt ratio between your room and heater provides you with the best picture of the room heater you should buy.
  • After determining the size of the room the heater will operate in, you should look forward to the design of the heater you want to buy and the effects of heater on human body.
  • Keep in mind that heaters are large and bulky in nature; you should opt for one that looks pleasing to the eye.

Choosing a Room Heater by Design

The room heaters are available in a number of designs. Therefore, choosing one among them can be difficult. You can combine these different designs into the following groups.

Baseboard Heaters

The baseboard heaters are the best space heaters for bedroom and suitable for people who don’t want to dedicate too much space to their heaters. These heaters are low-profile and have a modern design which allows them to be fitted anywhere in the room. Few of these heaters are filled with water while rest includes oil. They often tend to take a little more time to heat up a room.

Freestanding Portable Heaters

Among the most popular portable and best room heaters are the ceramic and oil-filled radiator heaters.These oil-filled heaters are not fan-assisted and might take longer to heat the rooms but the room will stage heated even after you turn off the heater whereas their Ceramic counterparts use a blower fan to spread the heat waves.

Wall Heaters

The Wall heaters are the go-to product if you are looking up to save on bills besides heating your room. These heaters use fan forced to heat your room and can stick upto on walls to save on house space. By installing these heaters on wall, you can easily keep them away from the reach of your children or pets. If you just have a child, it is the perfect room heater for newborn baby as it would not be any way near to it.

Electric Fireplace Heaters

These heaters are suitable if you are looking to spread the heat around a very large area such the dining room or the family rooms. The electric fireplace looks classic in design and are best indoor heaters for large rooms. They provide you with radiant heat. Few models also include a fan to spread the heat to all corners of the room.

The Last Words

Convection heaters are highly useful if want a room heater to heat up a large space whereas the Radiant heaters are suitable for people looking for keep smaller rooms warm. Make sure you know the side effects of room heater before purchasing one.

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