Top 5 Online Tools to Convert Video to MP3 and Other Formats

Music is something which we can’t live without. It soothes our ears and our soul, solves our worries, and relaxes our mind. We love to listen to music every day. Now that we have mobile phones, most people prefer to keep their favorite music in their devices. But you can easily find your favorite song on YouTube, but it is difficult to get the mp3 on your phone with so many ad filled websites. This is where you can use various websites which will help you to convert your favorite song from YouTube into mp3 so that you can listen to it anytime you want.Online Video to MP3 Converter

Websites to Convert Videos to Mp3 Online

There are many sites which can convert videos to mp3 and provide other features as well besides it. We have compiled a list of the best websites having tools to convert video to mp3. Let’s have a look.

It is the easiest online service to convert videos to mp3. You just need to paste a YouTube URL and the process of converting the audio track of your video file to mp3 begins instantly. The website can be opened with your Mac, a Linux PC, or even your phone and then you can use this free online video converter to get your favorite song’s mp3 file. The song is converted in just about 3-4 minutes.

Listen to YouTube

ListenToYouTube is the ideal online video converter to mp3 website. It has a simple layout and easy process to perform the task. You just have paste video URL to be converted on the site. The server will convert the video and provide you the link to download the song. You can download the song in different qualities i.e. from low to high. The quality you choose determines the time required to get the song. The best part of this site is that their service is entirely free.


If you want to know how to convert videos to mp3, then you can go to Dirpy and get all your answers. This site allows free conversion of videos from YouTube to mp3 codec format. You can also convert to other formats such as mp4 and adb amongst various others. Just copy the links, paste on this site, and wait for the servers to do the magic. The part is that this service is free.


Another site where you can convert YouTube videos to mp3 is Xenra. The site is free, converts video to mp3 at rapid speed, and also allows to convert the videos into other popular formats like mp4, avi etc. The site is easy and smooth and its great video converter tools allow even beginners to easily convert videos. You can also download the videos directly and also choose the quality in which you want to convert and download it.


Another popular site providing free online video converter services is the VidtoMP3. Through this website, you can easily convert your favorite songs into mp3 and many other formats. All you need to do is copy the video’s URL which you want to convert to mp3 and then paste it on this website. Your song will be converted and ready to be downloaded within a minute. You can also download the YouTube videos directly from this website.

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