7 New Features we can expect in iOS 11- What’s Hidden Behind Apple’s New Update to iOS

The thing which has made Apple such a successful brand and iPhone the most successful and popular mobile device in the world is the system or the software on which it operates i.e. the iOS. The iOS is a stunningly fast operating system which comes in with a hell lot of features which other OSs can only dream of. Currently, the iPhones run on the version 10 of this amazing OS. But now, we are soon expecting a new version, which will most probably be known as the iOS 11 to arrive on the iPhones soon.iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 Expected Features

With the iOS 11 release date near, many new features are expected to be included in the latest version of this OS which will make the overall user experience even better than it is now. It will surely improve the performance and features of the iPhone by leaps and bounds. So let us take a look at the new features of iOS 11.

Improvement in SIRI

SIRI is the most loved feature of the iOS and it’s a lot helpful as well. In the iOS 11, you can expect SIRI to be buffed up to compete with Google Assistant. SIRI will perform many more tasks and will be more accurate. It is going to speak in more languages.

Introduction of Dark Mode

The dark mode is a common feature in Android. Now it will be coming to iOS to become one of the greatest new features in iOS 11. The dark theme or background will be added to the app. This will reduce brightness and make it easier to use the phone in dark.

Support for Virtual Reality

This is an area where Apple is lagging behind. But with iOS 11 beta, the support for VR will be provided just like Daydream in Android. The latency time and processing power will be improved to ensure the seamless working of the device on VR mode.

Easy Video Setting Access

It is one major iOS 11 update which many users were looking forward to. With this, the users can easily switch between 1080p at 60fps and 4k at 30fps in just a few seconds. You will be able to access all other video camera modes without any hassle.

Customizable Control Centre

This is a feature which many users were looking forward to since a long time. With this iOS update, users can customize the shortcuts on their iPhones, get quicker access to most used apps & tools, and more freedom & control will be given to the user just like in Android.

Improved Mapping

This is a feature which has struggled badly marks a lot of work being done by Apple. After the new update, users can expect to have accurate points and positioning in real quick time. They can witness experience improved navigation and voice command for directions and other instruction.

A New, Better and Improved Mail App

Unlike the Gmail app on Android phones, the mail app on iOS devices is quite basic and outdated. But with new iOS 11 features, Apple may just introduce an entirely new Mail app. There may be changes in user interface and overall look. The support for multiple ID’s and integration of all emails on a single screen may be provided.

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