Flappy Bird Game Review, Features & Cheats: Installation Guide for Android, Windows & iOS Smartphone/PC

Fly Faby, the Flappy Bird as far as you can through endless pipes that are similar to the ones in Mario. All you need is steady taps; relaxed mind, a big screen, skilled fingers and you are set to fly! It is also one of the most annoying mobile games ever as per the user reviews. If your score is 10 or above then you can celebrate, you are ahead 97% of other gamer. Always on the move, just tap to dash Faby forward. Keep tapping!Flappy Bird Images

Flappy Bird Game Review

This game has no changes since the day it was created. Sticking to its originality it has been successful in accomplishing millions of fans. The catch of the game is its simplicity as there are no fancy stories being told, no fancy 3D graphics used and there are no complications while playing. The adorable pixilated bird is forever flapping away at your tap. The addiction of this game is that being so simple it is difficult to cross even a single hurdle. It tends to get frustrating and thus becomes unputdownable. If you do not want to download you can always play Flappy Bird game online.

Flappy Bird Game Features

  • 2D graphics with retro trends
  • Pixilated cute bird with red beak
  • Green Super Mario pipes
  • Endless arcade mode
  • Tap to start
  • Skillfully tap to keep from crashing
  • No stories before game starts
  • Available for android and iOS
  • Addicting and frustratingly fun
  • Medals awarded as you score
  • Leader board to check your rank

Tips and Tricks to Play Flappy Bird Game Online

  • Relax your mind first and let’s begin
  • Practice your tapping and make sure it is light and skilled
  • Use a big screen like a tab
  • Keep your rhythm steady
  • Fly high away from ground
  • Lookout for obstacles coming from right
  • Don’t lose your cool
  • Take a break

Flappy Bird Hacks & Game Play

Flappy Bird cheats is available everywhere on the internet. Use these software and tools and play Flappy Birds until you die. Take a screenshot and share to all your friends and show off your score. The cheats are only used to achieve unbelievable high scores (e.g. 999,999,999) that can’t be real. This game is very difficult to score a high score. Maximum people scores land up scoring a 0 or a 1. We don’t suggest using these Flappy Bird cheats online as it could be loaded with virus.

How to Download & Install Flappy Bird on Android, Windows or iOS Smartphone?
  • Steps to download & install Flappy Bird on Windows Smartphone
  • Steps to download & install Flappy Bird on Android Smartphone
  • Steps to download & install Flappy Bird on iOS Smartphone
  • Download from Flappy Bird from Google PlayStore or AppStore or Microsoft Store
Full Guide to Download & Install Flappy Bird on Windows or Mac Computer/Laptop
  • Steps to download & install Flappy Bird on Windows PC/Laptop
  • Steps to download & install Flappy Bird on MacBook/OSX

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