Technology is a simple word, but it is ruling the human life in the present era. It keeps on evolving, increasing, rising and adding and as a result, our lives become much simpler and entertaining. The mobile sector is the one which has seen most evolvement in the past decade with new and better technology coming in after every few days. Virtual Reality, fondly known as VR is a part of this growth. Virtual Reality refers to using computer technology in order to use software which generates or develops images, sounds, and sensations which are quite realistic and give a feeling of things happening in reality.Best VR Racing Games of the Year

Most Popular VR Racing Games to Play on the VR Headsets

Virtual reality in gaming can be experienced by wearing VR Headsets and getting compatible games to experience the fun. With the arrival of VR, many developers have developed apps and games to add to the fun. VR games are the most exciting to play. Racing games, in particular, are extremely fun and the rising demand for such games and huge downloads of the existing ones show how popular this technology has become. In this article, we will take a look at the 6 best virtual reality games and tell you why you should get them ASAP.Best VR Racing Games of the Year


Redout is one of the best VR games which are available on platforms such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Priced at $34.99, the game offers the player a great racing experience. Based on old-school games such as Wipeout, Redout adds a modern twist and a VR spin to it. The game comes with a large number of tracks, which also induces vertigo when you zip past the winding tracks. The game provides an enthralling feeling of going fast with tight controls. The user is also provided with weapons for helping battle others with whom you’re racing. It also has an online multiplayer option. With it, you can race against friends or strangers across the globe. To sum up, Redout is an awesome game with a nostalgic and futuristic touch provided through VR.

Thick Air

This is one of the cheapest 3D VR Games which comes at a price of just $9.99. The game focuses on the life after humans when robots take over and race. You get to race drones in various landscapes. Although it’s fun to play this game, the controls are really hard to master. You will surely be very confused with the controls first and may also experience motion sickness. But after you set your hand to it, you will be perfectly fine. Yes, they are these minor problems, but these are certainly ignorable. At such a less price, you get to play a well refined VR drone racing game and you can rest assured as continuous updates will certainly improve the gameplay as time goes on. The game is available in the early access right now and we are sure that it will be a huge success by the time of official launch.

VR Karts

If you love Kart racing and were looking for a game with Mimic Mario karts, then this one is the made for you game. Priced moderately at $14.99, this one is a family friendly game which comes with some great graphics which look very playful. In the game, you get to customize karts, race on different tracks and connect online to play with various players. You are also provided with items such as weapons and power-ups. These can help you to get an upper hand in the game. But sometimes these can backfire and stop you from winning. If you want to get acquainted with VR, then this game should be on top of your priority list and rest assured for great family fun thereafter.

Radial G

To sum up shortly, coming at a price of $24.99, Radial-G is a futuristic racing game themed on space. It’s not for the average racers who may find it difficult to play. It has anti-gravity tracks. This means that the cylindrical tracks allow the user to move around 360-degrees. It’s a bit challenging to understand and you will need to watch a video of gameplay to understand. The game also has multiplayer functions and allows you to play against other players from across the globe. The developers have tried to do a nice experiment with space racing genre and it’s a bit difficult at first but feels amazing to play once you set your hand on it and is hence one of the best VR racing games.

Space Ribbon

It is a great addition to the already great list of VR racing games. It comes with some crazy tracks, which use a flying Panda or Tiger for keeping the tracks floating in the space. It is a well-designed racing game again set in the space genre. You get normal cars which are very traditional and you can customize them as well. The game doesn’t place you inside the car. Rather, the user gets a third person view of the race. You can look around as you pass or when the opponents go past you. The scenery of the game is breathtaking, to say the least, and it provides a wonderful experience to everyone who plays this game. You can get this game at just $9.99 and add an amazing virtual reality game to your list for your VR headset.

Project Cars

This game is a bit expensive. It is available on Oculus Rift and priced at $49.99. It’s an authentic game, with great effects. So much so that we can go on to turn it one of the best gear VR Games released till now. It comes with some hundreds of different tracks. Not only this, the user gets hundreds of cars to choose from as well. The one feature which stands out is the presence of pit stops along with one of a kind handling. Features like these make this game stand out from others, making it one of the best racing VR games. You get hours and hours of gameplay with this game, so get your VR headsets on and begin the thrill.

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