A promise of future transformation has definitely come from the mobile services that have completely changed our world. The mobile broadband industry has become an incredible event, changing and growing every minute and being watched by hawk-eyes in the form of competitors eyeing viable positions all over the world.  There’s always movement, new inventions in a bid to out- do one another by numerous companies and an undying attempt to revolutionize and change the way the industry has functioned.Android smartphone Manufacturers to Eye in 2020

Top Android Smartphone Companies to Eye in 2020

The mobile users vary in different parts of the world and so do the companies that cater to these varied markets. While the market is dynamic and predicting a major winner in the race is next to impossible, there are a number of companies that appear to be front-runners in the race to be the best Android Smartphone Companies to Eye till 2020.


Samsung has been a great competitor in the market from the very start. The company is a giant and a name to reckon with. They sold four hundred and forty-four million mobile phones in the year 2013 alone. They also had a market share of 24.6%. The company had grown about 2.6% in points from the year before. With the looks of the promises that they have made and with their ambitions riding high, this will definitely is a company to eye by 2020.


Nokia has been a giant in the industry since its conception. They have been front-runners in most years but seemed to have lost track somewhere in between, but with the new promises the Finnish giant has made, the company seems to be nearing the apex of their come-back. In 2013 they sold their devices business to Microsoft, another giant, and continued its journey as the second-largest player in the industry with sales going as high as two hundred and fifty million mobile phone units.  While their market share has seen a decline in comparison to recent years, the falling numbers in terms of sales are starting to look up. This could very well mean that they can climb back up the ladder to the top by 2020.


LG has always been a household name and has been synonymous with quality and response from its early days itself. The giant has been making its position in the industry with results that have soared high. The company has been a South Korean electronics giant since the very beginning. But while in other areas the company continued to grow. In the mobile industry, it only grew about 0.5% percentage in terms of market share. The company by 2013 had commanded 3.8% market share. They also sold a whopping sixty-nine million mobile phone units. The company seems to be scaling the ladder slowly and steadily and should be a company to eye by 2020 if they keep the performance continued.


SONY has been a leader in electronics world for a long time. They seem to be the path breakers as far as quality is concerned. However, the company might be one of the major Android smartphone companies now, but were mere tailenders in the mobile device business a while back. They had a mere thirty-seven million phones units selling in 2013 and were registering a market share of only 2.1%.  Slowly and steadily, with its state of the art introductions in technology and smart looking devices, the company has seemed to capture the heart of its customers creating a market for itself. If all goes well they might be somewhere near the top by 2020.


The recent news that has come from Lenovo is that they took over phone Giant Motorola from the hands of Google. Lenovo is a key player in the Chinese market. It had a slow but steady climb up the ladder and is rearing to get forward. In 2013, Lenovo managed to sell forty-five million mobile phones. The company might not be a giant as of now, but they have a market share of 2.5%. The company is a new entrant and seems very promising. Whether it will continue to soar or not, it will be something that only time will tell.

Our Views

Smartphones have seen an array of new technologies and ideas in the last few years. The market is dynamic and ever changing. From one company to another, it is near impossible to pinpoint a clear winner in the race to the top of ladder in the mobile industry. While there do seem to be certain companies that have improvements in statistics as far as sales and market share goes, there are other companies that are only beginning to prosper and bloom. Whether the current statistics are to be believed or not, only time will tell.

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