Windows vs iOS vs Android: Which OS to Choose While Buying a Smartphone?

In this modern era, a smartphone has become a basic necessity for many people. It provides a lot of functions which has made the day-to-day tasks very easy. From managing official work to watching movies, everything can be done on these phones. The heart and soul of these smartphones are their Operating System or OS.iOS vs Windows vs Android

What is an Operating System?

An Operating System contains and provides the functions which a smartphone can perform. Windows, Android. and iOS are the three Operating Systems which are popular in the market. They are unique in their own terms and different mobile companies are successfully using these Operating Systems. Mobile companies like Samsung, HTC are using Android and Windows is effectively used by companies like Nokia (Now turned to Microsoft). Apple is the registered owner of using the iOS Operating System. It is necessary to take a good view of the various features these OS provide before you plan to buy a smartphone.


Android has a major market when it comes to smartphones in India. It has been successful in meeting the needs of a wide range of users and it is available across several brands. Android makes the everyday activities very easy as it provides gaming, multimedia entertainment, calling and messaging and even photography. The user is provided with a good control over all such functions. Android is very successful in providing a variety of apps which enhance your smartphone using experience.

The popularity of Android has also forced Google to come up with their Android One campaign. They are offering Android experience at a much lower price. The latest version of Android is launched every year having much more advanced features which are refined with technical advancement. If you are in search for a smartphone which has a flexible functioning and can provide a large variety of games and apps, then you should surely opt for this OS.


Windows phones are easy to use and provide a good usage for people who prefer carrying their desktop experience on their smartphones. It is equipped with features which provide a more user-friendly environment. The latest version provides a very helpful interface to people who are using it for the first time. It provides an easy access to the contents you prefer on the home screen which includes contacts and messages. The ‘Live Tiles’ are very informative in nature and the unified interface for most apps is just great. The addition of the Snap view in Windows smartphones allows multiple apps onscreen and we can also adjust the size of each pane which works the best. With Windows phones, all the updates are pushed to the devices.

The only disadvantage of Windows OS is the range of apps available for Windows phone. If you are not concerned with downloading a large number of apps then experiencing the comfortable Windows interface will surely amuse you.  The essential apps and multimedia are positively available for Windows OS.


Apple from the start has worked on improving their OS to match with the modern world needs. The availability of various Apple services like iTunes which deals with purchasing media and sharing it, iCloud for backing up photos and iCloud drive for backing up other files makes this OS handy. Also, the Mac OS lets you handle your SMS and calls directly from your desktop. But this ease and comfort come with flexibility issues as these Apple gears are compatible with only Apple software and devices. When it comes to phone security, Apple has always been a step ahead. The company maintains a close look at what applications and services run on this platform. Sneaking in Trojanised applications is far more difficult to target the users.

The latest version which is iOS 9, has supreme functions to be used in car navigation and entertainment, health tracking and to handle home automation. The huge range of apps and features adds on to its advantages. The most popular apps are available on the iOS.

There is a very tough competition between these three Operating Systems which dominate the mobile market. With the passage of time, many improvements have been sighted in all three OS which has proved to be beneficial for the users.

Our Views

If one has to choose between any of the three Operating Systems then it basically depends on that person’s requirements and needs. If you are seeking a smartphone which provides you with a vast range of multimedia and applications then Android is suitable for you. If your need is for a phone which has a basic interface and easy to target icons then a Windows phone should be your choice of phone. And at last if you want to be drenched with complex technology with a comfortable user experience along with a variety of latest apps and services then iOS is perfect for you.

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