Top 7 Horror Games for Oculus Rift: Scary Virtual Reality (VR) Games

You’re on your own, No one to save you, No one to guide you through, No one to hear you when you scream. Experience the horror all over again. Using an Oculus Rift for game brings you to a whole new realm of virtual gaming. A truly agreeable fact when you play these games yourself. These virtual 3D games are so addictive that you can’t just look away and also because the as the screen is stuck to your face. The horror games will excite you unlike ever before. These are not recommended for people with weak-knee. Here are the top 7 horror games for Oculus Rift:VR Horror Games for Oculus Rift


Among virtual reality headset games Caffeine is one hell of a crazy game. Puzzles in its environment and horrifying adventure make it unputdownable. It gives a glimpse of the near future where earthlings are deep down in addiction of coffee. The game begins with you waking up in one of the coffee mines alone and gradually realize you are the small boy with no idea about how you got there. No more is needed to be said; yes you set out on your adventure exploring the world.

Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival is even more terrifying than ever. Alas! The Xbox game is now officially supported by the Oculus Rift. A next-gen virtual headset, Oculus is designed supreme VR horror games! If you already owned this game, all you got to do is update the new available version of it. This brilliantly crafted game increases the fear factor while you play. You will experience a totally new fright level. A must try only if you can dare to.


Ever imagined of waking up in a dark dungeon you have had nightmares about? Well, the dungeon is now here. You aren’t alone it is filled with your worst nightmares and the creatures that scare you to death. Dreadhalls take its place here in the list of best Oculus Rift horror games. This is an intense and terrifying game. The only weapon you have is your own courage and desire to survive and a faint light almost on the verge of diminishing. Find your way to the exit, go save yourself if can!


You might just end up wetting your pants playing the 11:57. One of the most thrilling experiences is delivered to you when you play it. Sit back tight in your place while scary activities are all around you. 11:57 is just a simple series of incidents going around with no story line to tell but the catch is how long you can be brave. It will have you rooted in your seat with horrifying things going around.

Alone in the Rift

Alone in the Rift will leave you with heart pounding as if you just ran a marathon. This is a short horror experience that you will feel for minutes even after you remove your oculus. Warning: the game contains graphics of horrific elements that compete to scare you until you give up. Alone and Alone in the Rift are two different games so do not get confused. Difficulty level is high and the experience of playing is memorable. The better part about this game is when you watch someone play in front you. Alone in the Rift, takes full advantage of music and the environment to trigger your fears and create suspense and horror.

Don’t Let Go

Prove it that you are good enough this virtual reality games list. There is a possibility that playing this in your might lead you to have an embarrassing accident. Take our advice and play it while you are in your toilet seat. ‘Don’t Let Go’! Just sit on sit firm on that chair and grab your controller in front. The only rule applying to this game is that no matter what happens you ‘Don’t Let Go’. A lot will be happening around and you are surely going to raise your hands screaming and run away. Let us not spoil the suspense, go ahead and venture for yourself. A lot will be happening around and you are surely going to raise your hands screaming and run away.


The countdown of scariest Oculus Rift games ends with the well known hit Alone. As you play the game, world around you starts to react differently and it gives you best worst-feel of being the hunted. The small details like curtain moving or something falling or maybe something behind you will surely make your hairs stand to its ends. You might never know if it is just the virtual realm or coincidently be happening around you in the real world with your Oculus on. It is just a thought, if you think you are ready for it, step forward.

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