How to use MovieBox on TV using Chromecast: Stream Movies & Videos Free

Are you excited to watch your favorite movies on the TV with Chromecast? If yes, then luckily you are at the right place. Here you will get to know the step by step details of how to use the MovieBox on TV with the help of Chromecast. With this, you can watch your dearest and the favorite anytime for absolutely no pricing.


MovieBox is one of the free mobile apps for watching movies, TV shows, TV series and other entertaining videos online. It has various exciting features. The main feature is that you can use MovieBox on TV using Chromecast. By connecting MovieBox to Chromecast, you can make the videos available on your mobile device to be played over the television or on any of the big screens.

You can stream all the videos for free with this feature of MovieBox. You just need a good internet connection and then you can enjoy unlimited videos and movies and the other related stuffs. You can also catch all the live actions of your favorite sports through free sports streaming websites that work on smartphones and PC. A good speed connection will allow you to stream all the videos.

Features of MovieBox

The MovieBox app is a very common app that is installed on all the android devices. The user interface is very friendly and thus many users install this app for the high profile performance. There are many features of the MovieBox app which makes it popular among the people. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • To stream videos over the bigger screens, the Chromecast feature is supported by this app.
  • The videos and albums can be streamed for free.
  • You will get the updated videos regularly over the home screen.
  • The movies and the albums are available in different languages.
  • You can add the videos to your playlist.

Steps to Stream Videos from MovieBox on TV using Chromecast

To stream videos over the bigger screens, you need to download the AllCast app and with the help of that app, the mobile devices get connected to the TV or some other devices. Below are the correct steps that need to be followed to watch the videos successfully from the MovieBox app over the big screen devices:

Connect MovieBox to TV using Chromecast

  1. Initially, download the AllCast app which will help you to connect the mobile device to the other big screen devices.
  2. The AllCast app will connect the TV or big screen devices with the mobile devices.
  3. Now, launch the AllCast app.
  4. Now, go to the MovieBox app and go to the settings option. Change the settings to the play online videos option.
  5. Now, select the video that you want to be running on your bigger screens.
  6. Now open AllCast and go to the apps option which is present on the main screen.
  7. Now to stream the video, open the Chromecast office.
  8. Now just select the video that you want to be played over the screen.

This way you will be connected to the TV screen and then the streaming can be done for free as per your choice.

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