Traffic Racer Game Review, Features, Cheats, Hack Tool & Installation Guide for Android, Windows, iOS Smartphone/PC

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Play the endless traffic racer game, driving your car through the traffic of highway. One of the favorite advanced endless arcades racing games in 3D for racing game fans. Compete with friends all over the globe to be ranked on top of the leaderboard. Drive fast, score more and stack in more cash for buying and upgrading cars. This game is finally available for Windows phones on MSN Store and for IOS on Apple AppStore. Download it now!Traffic Racer Game Modes

Traffic Racer Game Review

According to the Traffic Racer game review, the game is definitely attractive and it offers a smart customization option to keep fans hooked. It is easy to earn cash while playing the game. You can easily unlock the cars and different roads through the cash you have collected. This thrilling game is loaded with fun and is addicting.Traffic Racer Police Chase Mode

Traffic Racer Game Features

  • Impressive graphic in 3D
  • More than 35 varieties of cars available to choose from
  • Customize your car the way you want
  • 5 domain tracks – Suburb, Desert, Snowy, Rainy and City Night with detailed exciting featuresTraffic Racer Game Location
  • Choose the mode you want to play – Endless, Time Trial, Free Tide, Police Chase
  • Race in one way or two-way track
  • Tap gas button to accelerate
  • Tap brake to stop
  • Realistic control of direction
  • Tilt to steer
  • Smooth handling
  • Drive faster to score more
  • Reach the speed of 100 km/h and overtake cars to earn bonus score and cash
  • NPC traffic
  • Traffic racer game online leaderboard ranking and achievements
  • Regular updates and new features provided

Tips to Play Traffic Racer Game Online for Beginners

  • Play time trial as you can keep playing even when you crash
  • Drive faster to earn more. Keep speed limit above 100 km/h and overtake other cars.
  • Play Daily Bonus Round twice a day to increase cash.

Traffic Racer Cheats for Android, Windows & iOS

Download the software provided for Traffic racer game cheats from ‘trafficcheats’. Fill in the list of requirements and your username. It is assured that the username will not be abused. You can now beat the scores limitlessly and go rising high on the leader board.

Traffic Racer Hacks for Android, Windows & iOS

Traffic racer game hack tool is provided in ‘traffichacks’ for unlimited cash so that you can buy all cars and customize it as you wish. This site is a 100% virus free and malware absent one. The hack works for IOS and android as well, it is user-friendly, no download is required. Furthermore, it has no risk and is easy to use. The hack tool can be used anytime you want. Only username and amount of cash required is to be entered. Unlimited cash in Traffic Racer game to play is waiting just for you!

How to Download & Install Traffic Racer on Android, Windows or iOS Smartphone?
  • Steps to download & install Traffic Racer on Windows Smartphone
  • Steps to download & install Traffic Racer on Android Smartphone
  • Steps to download & install Traffic Racer on iOS Smartphone
  • Download from Traffic Racer from Google PlayStore or AppStore or Microsoft Store
How to Download & Install Traffic Racer on Windows or Mac Computer/Laptop?
  • Steps to download & install Traffic Racer on Windows PC/Laptop
  • Steps to download & install Traffic Racer on MacBook/OSX

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