Top 6 Best 40-Inch LED TV in India you Must Buy this Year

Technology is growing at a rapid rate and the same applies to LED TVs. If you are looking forward to buying the best LED TV in India, this is the perfect time to do so. Most of the companies have come up with new launches with the latest features and you can check them out to decide which one suits your home the best. Brands are making it a point to pack their TVs with features that others don’t provide and some brands have become highly successful in it. A 40-inch LED TV is considered as a regular size that is appropriate for most of the houses. Let’s check out some of the best 40 inch LED TV in India.Best LED TVs in the Market


Sony Bravia took the TV world by storm when it was initially launched. It continues to rule the market with the latest offerings. The KLV-40W562D model is a Full HD LED TV having a resolution of 1920x1080pixels. It provides you an amazing viewing experience with a technology known as the X reality PRO which is exclusive for Sony Bravia TVs. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 55,900 and is only meant for people who have no budget constraints. However, it tops the list when it comes to the best 40 inch LED TV.

LG 40UF670T 4K (Ultra HD)

LG is offering a 40 inch LED TV that comes with 4K resolution. With a price tag of Rs. 47,000 it doesn’t come cheap but definitely is worth every penny. You may not consider it as the best 40 inch LED TV under 40000 but if you are willing to shell a few extra bucks, you might have this amazing 4K TV in your home. This is also the only 4K TV in the list so if it is your priority, you might seriously consider it. But if your budget is low then you can also search for top 10 32 inch smart tv’s under 20000.

Samsung EB40D

Samsung is one of the reputed and well-known brands in the world not only in terms of television but in all kinds of consumer electronics. They have been producing a great range of LED TV’s since a few years and the Samsung EB40D is probably the best 40 inch LED TV in India which you can buy this year. It comes with a display of 720p resolution and has a price tag of Rs. 40,000. Even though the cost of the TV is a bit high but the features make sure that the price is justified.

Philips 40PFL5059/V7

Philips is a popular name when it comes to electronics of all kinds. With its new LED TV offering, it has created a new zone for its existing customers. The TV has a 1920x1080p high-resolution Full HD display which at a price range of below Rs. 30,000 seems staggering. It is by far the best 40 inch led TV under 30000 with features easily comparable with the best of the lot.

Vu H40K311

If you are looking for the best LED TV in India but also have a budget constraint, this offering by VU might be your best bet. The LED TV comes with a Full HD display and is listed among the best 40 inch LED TV under 30000 since the past year. The TV strikes a right balance between the features as well as its pricing.

Panasonic TH-40D200DX

Panasonic has been on the forefront of providing the best 40 inch LED TV through its Viera range. This new LED TV has amazed the customers with its stunning display and a cheap price tag. It is also among the best 40 inch LED TV under 40000 as you might find it under some sales and offers that give you a good discount on the TV.

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