Top 5 Snapchat Tricks that Every SnapChat User Must Know!

Snapchat is an app which is easy to learn and use. It has become the ‘in-thing’ and people all around the globe are using it very effectively. Snapchat is the coolest photo and video sharing application at present. You can take a photo or video, add a caption or doodle it and send it to your friends on your list. The flip side to this is that the photos or videos which you will send can only be viewed for a time span of maximum 10 seconds, after that the ‘snap’ disappears. There is another option of adding the photo or video to your ‘Story’ which can be accessed or viewed by your friends up to 24 hours.Best Snapchat Tricks and Tips

Best Snapchat Tricks for Crazy Snapchat Users

Apart from the basic information and knowledge about the app, there are many tricks and tips to lighten up your snap sharing experience. These features aren’t easily visible and you need to hunt them out. Here are the top 5 Snapchat tricks to make your snaps more fun and exciting.

Hidden Settings

When you open Snapchat you will have direct access to the camera view. It is basically the main screen of the app. You have to swipe left which will direct you to your feed of private snaps and messages from people who are added to your list. On the same screen, the top-right corner will have a gear symbol for Settings. Clicking on it, you will get a new screen which will have an option “Additional Services” under it tap on “Manage”. Now under this particular segment, you are provided with a lot of amazing features. It avails you to power saving mode, special text, replay, filters and even front-facing flash. You can also select the number of best friends you want to display.

More Colors

After opening Snapchat you will be obviously directed to the camera view. Snap a photo or video and after that, you can add a Doodle by tapping on the Pencil symbol in the top-right corner of the screen. This will give you access to a sliding rainbow bar to select a color. You can use your finger to select the color and then can draw on your snaps. What many users are unaware about is an additional color palette. You just have to slide your finger down from the slider across the bottom and then back up. With this action, you are provided with in-between colors that are not visible in the original palette.

If you are using an Android device then you are very lucky as you are provided with transparent colors to Doodle. For this, you have to press down the Rainbow slider. The full-color palette will appear and then you can select the transparent color.

Changing Rear Camera to Front Facing Camera

People who are very much fond of clicking selfies, this shortcut will be very helpful for your snap experience. To change the rear-camera view to the front-facing camera we depend on tapping the camera icon which is present on the top-right corner of the screen. But here is a shortcut, just tap on the screen twice and it will automatically shift the rear camera view to front facing the camera and vice versa. (This option is only available with smartphones having front facing camera.)

Special Text

With Snapchat you get to type on top of snaps which is a great feature. But it also offers a special text feature which is an alternative caption style. When you take a photo or a video you will see an icon “T” on the screen near the top-right corner next to the Pencil symbol. When you tap on this icon after that whatever text you will type will be magnified. It can also magnify the emojis as well.

Replay a Snap

This feature allows you to replay a snap in the Snapchat app which you have received within the past 24 hours. But you should keep a note that you can only replay that snap which you last viewed. To replay a snap just tap on the snap which you want to view again. You will get a notification with a pop up and on then click on “Replay”.

Last Words

Snapchat has advanced a lot and with its every new version it is loaded with new features. People are enjoying this app a lot and it has grown famous hugely among the youth. The tips and tricks which are mentioned above are not known by many people and would prove helpful for making your Snapchat experience interesting and wonderful. Once you are aware of these hidden features in the Snapchat app you can also flaunt it out loud to your friends! Do keep a frequent check on the latest updates of Snapchat to get new features and options to utilize the full fun of this amazing application.

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