IPhone is a trendy mobile phone in the market and is very common among the people. But as compared to windows, it is not always easy to perform all the tasks with the help of some other third party apps. This is so because apple has placed many restrictions on the iOS operating system which is used in the iPhone. There is a concept to schedule text messages on iPhone and send them later automatically as per the scheduled time. This idea is a very common one if we talk about the android operation systems and windows. But with iPhone, the things are not that easy. But there is one SMS scheduling app for iPhone that can solve the problem and it goes round the restrictions of Apple. It will send the text messages automatically at the specified time. It is none other than SMS Scheduler App.

Unique Features of the SMS Scheduler App

Some of the main and special features of the SMS Scheduler App which makes it send the scheduled messages automatically are as mentioned below:

  • Built in Reminders Present: There are reminders present inside the SMS Scheduler App which sends a notification on the user’s iPhone on the scheduled date. With the help of that reminder, you can review your text message, edit it and also you can cancel it.
  • You have freedom of rescheduling your SMS message with the help of this app and cancel it anytime you want.
  • Your own network service provider can be used for sending the message.

As now you are aware of the SMS Scheduler App, so it is the right time to proceed further towards the steps of working with this app to schedule our messages.

Steps to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

There are some easy steps followed by the SMS Scheduler App to schedule SMS to send automatically on iPhone. These steps need to be followed out exactly as mentioned below:

Steps to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone, SMS Scheduler App Images

  1. The very first task before taking the app into practice is to download it. So, download the SMS Scheduler App from your available app store.
  2. As the app will fully download, it will automatically install on the iPhone.
  3. As soon as the app gets installed on the device, launch it.
  4. Then the next step is to draft out the message. Write down your required text message.
  5. After the message drafting is over, add recipients for your message. So, enter the number in the required number field.
  6. Next task is to set the time at which you want to schedule the message. So, here you have to set the respective day and time to send the message accordingly.
  7. At last, click at the done button and the message will be scheduled.

Final Say

This way your message will be scheduled for the specified day and time and you can edit and review it anytime. To see the steps with more clarification, you can have a look at the video tutorial of scheduling text messages on iPhone with the help of SMS Scheduler App.

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