Privatoria VPN Review – The Doubly Secure VPN Network with TOR Protection

The internet security is getting harder to crack day by day. It’s becoming more advanced and hi-tech. To minimize the security loopholes the new methods have been derived. Every possible technology is being developed to achieve more secure and safe browsing. Using a VPN is one of the best ways to surf through the internet anonymously without revealing your identity. Someone wishing to access the internet securely should try their hands over Privatoria VPN.

Privatoria VPN – A Knowhow

In the list of best VPN providers, Privatoria comes in the first row providing you double protection of VPN plus Tor & offering the top level of anonymity. It makes it possible for one to bypass the geo restrictions and even access the blocked websites in their country. Its server network is spread over 25 countries of the world. Moreover, it is flexible with different kinds of OS and offers you gracious user interface on just any device. Let us take a brief look about Privatoria.

Ultimate Features of Privatoria VPN

Privatoria comes with an attractive range of features and a great level of performance that will surely impress the users. An overview of its features has been given below.


Privatoria has its servers in 25 countries offering 60+ IPs. India, US, UK, France, Norway, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong, Poland are few of the countries where Privatoria provides their service. One of its main attraction is none of its servers store the user data or history about the browsing sessions.

Privacy & Security

Privatoria doesn’t take the privacy and security issue of their users lightly and ensures that they get connected through a secure protocol. Over and above, the shared IPs (60+) makes it extremely spiny for the hackers to spot a user. The OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols are supported by this VPN. In order to provide tight security it makes use of 256-bit AES encryption.


Its VPN + Tor protection gives you the highest level of anonymity making it almost impossible for your ISP, or any spy/hacker to identify your virtual existence. For setting up the Tor, you don’t need to setup any extra software on your device.

Anonymous Email

Using the 256-bit AES email encryption this anonymous email service is delivered. The new email can be sent using the different IP address from previous one. The size of the mail box is 20GB.  Accessing the mailbox through the email client of web interface is possible. Moreover, SMTP is also available.


The overall performance of its servers is quite satisfying. Though the speed of your connection will be depending & varying upon the location of your connection. Like the servers in US will be comparatively faster than the servers in other countries.

Multi-Platform Support

Privatoria VPN is totally flexible with Windows (7, 8, and 10), Mac OS, OpenVPN Linux, OpenVPN Windows, Android, iPad, and iPhone. Its ability of working with various devices and browsers is phenomenally well. All you will need is just a working internet connection. Moreover, you can simultaneously connect with 5 devices.


The website is very simple to use because of its clean design. The different options can be navigated with ease. There are plenty of options listed up front on the home page making it easier for the user to know about the services and features provided by Privatoria.


Maximum of your doubts will easily get solved from the FAQ section provided on its website. Still if one has any unsolved doubt or any kind of trouble they can contact them through email. The support staff is available 24X7 and typically replies within 48 hours.Privatoria Pricing and Plans

The Bottom Line

Privatoria is surely the best VPN network in the market with the price in budget making it possible for anyone to bypass the governmental censorship and surf through the internet secretly.

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