With so many hosting providers out there, it is often confusing which one to choose. Most of them provide a good service but are too pricey; others are cheaply available but compromise on the quality of hosting. However MilesWeb, a brilliant web hosting provider aims to offer a great balance between the service quality as well as the price. If you are starting with a company, you would be looking for an affordable web hosting for small business and MilesWeb will be the right kind of hosting provider for you in that case. Let’s read about MilesWeb hosting review in detail so that you can make your decision.MilesWeb Hosting Review

Best Features of MilesWeb Hosting

Before you invest your money, it is necessary that you know more about the service, its features and all the pricing plans. Below are some of the praiseworthy MilesWeb hosting features, you will notice that some of the features are not available even in the other so-called best web hosting providers in the market.

  • Free Domain Name and SSL: To get started with your website, you first need a preferred domain name. Also, if you are well acquainted with the web world, you will know how important it is to have a SSL certificate on your website. What is great about MilesWeb is that they provide both of these completely free of cost if you buy a hosting plan for them. Very few other brands have such an amazing combination offer; you can grab the opportunity until it exists.
  • 95% Uptime: When you are looking for various web hosting plans by any provider, it is always recommended to check the uptime. MilesWeb is ahead of the competition as it offers a stunning 99.95% uptime which means there will hardly be a time when your server will be down due to their fault. This is an important thing to consider and one of the best advantages of choosing MilesWeb over others.
  • 24×7 Customer Support: A reliable customer support is very necessary when it comes to hosting services since it is a technical service. You will be astonished to know that the customer service is available in English as well as Hindi which probably no other hosting provider offers. This ensures better comfort for the user who has a query.

Pricing Plans of MilesWeb Hosting

The pricing plans of MilesWeb are carefully crafted keeping the customer’s interests in mind. Below are all the hosting services the company provides and their pricing plans.

  • Shared Web Hosting: If you are starting out, this is the plan you need. This is MilesWeb’s bestselling service because of many special reasons. You can get a free domain, SSL support, super speed SSD storage and a lot more with this package. The pricing starts from around Rs. 109/month and goes up to Rs. 390/month for higher specifications.
  • Reseller Hosting: If you intend to start your own web hosting business, the reseller hosting plans are what you need. There is an additional support in the cPanel where you can create multiple accounts and use them to sell it to your clients. The plans for reseller hosting start from Rs. 399/month and is available for up to Rs. 1499/month.
  • VPS Hosting: There are sites that need more server power and better storage, if your site has such requirements, you can go ahead with a VPS. Unlike other providers, the pricing is quite affordable and begins from just Rs. 1040/month.
  • WordPress Hosting: WordPress is probably the best CMS out there and if you choose to create a site using WordPress, this would be the perfect hosting platform for it. The servers are fully loaded with WordPress and you can buy them starting from just Rs. 399/month.


If you are looking for the best web hosting companies in India, MilesWeb certainly ranks among the top. With top notch features and an excellent pricing model, you can’t get anything better. All kinds of hosting, domain and security services are provided by the company and customers are really happy with it. If you own a business in India for which you need a website or want to create your own personal website, checkout what MilesWeb has to offer and you will be impressed.

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