The news came as a shocker from Microsoft when it announced the death of long-standing graphics editing program – MS Paint in the new Windows 10 Fall Creators’ Update. The emotions caught the sorrow as many of us had a number of sweet and sour childhood memories associated with it.  But, with an incredible support and love shown by the people for the MS Paint, the company had to take back its decision which was a great sign of relief for the Paint lovers. Microsoft introduced the all new Paint 3D with its Windows 10 creators Update released in the month of April, this year. It features the 3D image making tools along with some of the basic 2D image editing functions.MS Paint New Look

MS Paint – A Glimpse on History

Paint was firstly released with the very first version of Windows 1.0 in the year 1985. It was one of the first graphics editors that was used by many and soon became the core element of Microsoft Windows. It came into existence as a 1-bit monochrome licensed version of the ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush.  The Paint was able to save the graphics in JPEG format only after the arrival of Windows 98. It has been more than 3 decades that MS Paint has been the part of Microsoft Windows and still the most lovable graphics editor for school kids as well as many adults too.

Why Microsoft Decided to Kill Paint?

The reason of sudden demise of MS Paint in the new Windows 10 fall update is very clear. Windows 10 Creators April released in April 2017 introduced Paint 3D to the Windows 10 users. The outrage the popularity of 2D Paint and force people to use Paint 3D, Microsoft decided to take this step.

But all thanks to the outpouring love and support from the people all over the world, Microsoft was forced to take back its decision. The new Paint 3D is not the update of traditional Paint, but it is inspired by the traditional Paint. Paint 3D is designed to be used with Microsoft Surface Pen allowing the users to draw more details pictures.

The Clarification by Microsoft

Soon after all this nuisance, Microsoft published a blog post on Tuesday night saying that the outcry of fan support has forced the company to elucidate its plans for Paint. Microsoft said that after the 32 successful years of Paint, it was able to learn that Paint has too many fans.

The company was delighted to see the support for its trusty old app. The blog post released by Microsoft clarified that Paint would not be removed completely. It will still be available on Windows Store for free. Reader App and Outlook Express were the few other programs of which Microsoft marked the death on Monday. Though the Reader app will be merged with its Edge Web Browser, the users will not be able to use it as single program.

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