It’s easy to find a web-hosting provider in this competitive market where most of them offer average services. But what makes it difficult is to find the best web-hosting providers that provide distinctive and better features than any other hosting companies. If you are starting a new venture, it is important for you to look for affordable VPS hosting for small business that doesn’t compromise in quality and also comes with required features. is one such hosting company that promises to deliver services you may never have experienced before. Let’s learn more about it in this detailed Liberty VPS hosting review.Liberty VPS

Best features of Liberty VPS Web Hosting

Liberty VPS hosting features some exceptional offers and services that you may not find in other web hosting companies. Let’s take a look at the praise-worthy features Liberty VPS has to provide to its customers.

  • Bitcoin VPS: What makes Liberty VPS one of the best VPS hosting providers is its Bitcoin payment method. Bitcoin users can make payment through this secured gateway allowing them to keep their identity anonymous. BitPay processes the instructions automatically maintaining the anonymity of your order as well as payment.
  • Privacy: Liberty VPS believes in safeguarding customer’s privacy. They promise their clients that their data will always be safe and secure. Also, for those who have opted for offshore hosting must not worry about privacy as the company provides complete protection of the server.
  • 1 Gigabit Speed: One of the major benefits of using Liberty VPS server is that it provides the speed of 1 Gigabit. Such high-speed port enables you to download files, upload to file sharing sites or to perform high bandwidth activities such as streaming.
  • Quick Setup: Liberty’s quick setup helps you to install VPS without waiting. Once the payment is done, VPS server is installed within 5 minutes and you will receive your password by email. For beginners, this is a huge advantage as they can’t spend a lot of time on technical things.
  • No Overselling: Liberty VPS uses KVM that enables you to have full control over your Windows VPS. The company does not oversell servers which help you to run any applications you want to run on their server, including OpenVPN and other applications that require specific modules. If you are just starting out but want a high performing server, this can be your best bet.

Pricing & Plans of Liberty VPS Hosting

For best web hosting plans, you must visit They have affordable pricing policy that will interest customer’s mind. Let’s check them out in detail.

  • Offshore Hosting: Prices of offshore hosting are flexible compared to other offshore hosting providers. The company’s offshore servers are located at Netherlands. For starters, the pricing starts at 4.99 $ per month. For a standard server, you will have to pay $9.99 per month whereas, for professional and business servers, the company has set the price at $14.99 and $19.99 respectively.
  • Offshore Linux VPS: With higher prices, comes a better service. Same is the case with Offshore Linux VPS the prices are bit higher with bronze pack priced at $19.99per month, silver at $39.99 per month and $59.99 per month for the gold pack. The company also comes with a Platinum pack which you can purchase at 79.99$.
  • Offshore Windows VPS: Offshore Windows VPS offers some great features like windows KVM, Solusvm control panel, instant setup, 1 Gigabit speed among others. These features come with a price tag set precisely by the company. Bronze and silver pack is priced at $24.99 and $49.99 per month respectively whereas gold and platinum feature some additional services at a price of $74.99 and $99.99 per month respectively.

Final Verdict

Liberty VPS takes care of new ventures as well as highly developed business with its impressive features and affordable pricing. They provide complete security of your data, transactions, and server. Bitcoin makes the payment process simple and easy whereas quick setup installs a VPS just within 5 minutes. Such awesome features are what makes Liberty VPS one of the best web hosting companies in India.

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