How to Use Two Whatsapp Accounts on Same Android Phone?

Whatsapp has long been one of the most user-friendly mobile chatting applications. 80% of the younger generation is using this mobile application to stay connected with their friends. People these days are addicted to Whatsapp. In the year 2015, Whatsapp has been declared the most popular mobile messaging application globally with over 900 million active users from all over the world. In order to run multiple Whatsapp accounts on Android phone, we’ll need a third party application called as OGWHATSAPP. Dual Whatsapp has been made possible only with the use of this application. The application is free to download and is available on the Google PlayStore for all Android users.How to Use Two Whatsapp on same phone


The OGWHATSAPP is a third party application which is considered as the modern version of Whatsapp app. This application is used to run two Whatsapp accounts in single Android smartphone if you have a dual SIM Smart Phone. The best part is you’ll not have to root your phone to use this application.

Features of OGWHATSAPP

You might wish to have an eye over the extraordinary features of OGWHATSAPP. Following are the essential features of this wonderful app:

  • Whatsapp Dual SIM
  • Two Whatsapp Accounts in a single phone
  • Backup and restore messages of both the accounts
  • Select app icon, and so much more
  • Based on the latest Whatsapp 2016 version
  • Supports ART runtime system
  • Hide bars when clicking the preview picture
  • Option to ‘Hide Name’ and the data when copying more than one message
  • Add message statistics for groups

Steps to Install OGWHATSAPP in your Android Devices for using 2 Whatsapp Accounts

Below, we have listed the step by step guide to install dual Whatsapp on your Android device.

  • Take the full backup of your messages and data before switching to OGWHATSAPP.
  • Go to App info and clear all the Whatsapp Data.
  • Visit the File explorer or the File Viewer and go to the /SDCARD/WHATSAPP. Rename this folder to / SDCARD / OGWHATSAPP.
  • Uninstall the official Whatsapp Application
  • Go to the PlayStore and download the OGWHATSAPP application on your phone.
  • The application will ask for your mobile number. Enter the old mobile number that you were using in the official Whatsapp Application. It is important that you enter the old mobile number, in order to retain the backup messages of the previous Whatsapp number.
  • After you have finished entering the number, click on OK.
  • Now, you’re ready to use ONE mobile number using the OGWHATSAPP application.
  • For the second mobile number, you’ll have to re-visit the Google Play Store and Download the official Whatsapp
  • The application will now ask for your mobile number.
  • Enter your second number and click OK.

Final Words

Use the tips and tricks mentioned above to download and install OGWHATSAPP application. With the help of this application, you’ll be able to use two Whatsapp numbers on one Android phone. This way you’ll be able to segregate both your personal and professional contacts.

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