Facebook has indeed emerged as the most powerful social networking website and has a user population all around the world. The useful aspects of Facebook are its interactive features which help us connect with anyone who is also a user on this website. But features like photo and post tagging can be very irritating at times. When you know your Facebook profile is represented on a wider platform which connects you with a major audience, you obviously wouldn’t want it to be littered with random and useless posts from your friends and other people on your timeline. A quick look at your security settings on Facebook can help you stop this activity and can forward the total access of your profile as to how it will appear to other people.How to Stop Photos you are Tagged in Showing on your Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile Review

The most troublesome aspect of Facebook is the tagging feature which allows people in your list to tag you and moreover that tagged photo or post appears on your wall. If your Facebook friends list consists of few hundred or more people then there are positive chances of your wall being flooded with unnecessary tags and posts. But thankfully now Facebook has come up with a solution to this problem which can stop tagged photos and posts by other people to not show on your wall.

This feature is called Profile Review. Once this feature is activated in your privacy settings it effectively sorts all the tagged material to a separate place and it will wait for your response or review. Now only when you allow it to appear, the tagged photos and posts will appear on your wall. Thus you can have complete access to control the visibility of material on your wall.

How to Activate Profile Review?

The steps to activate Facebook Profile Review are very simple and easy to follow. Follow the given steps and activate Facebook Profile Review feature in your Facebook account.

  • The first step is to visit your Facebook Settings.
  • Then click on “Timeline and Tagging”. Once you have selected this option a new screen would pop up.
  • You will see an option as “Who can add things to my timeline?” Against this option, you will see an Edit link. You just have to set it to “Only me”
  • By editing the “Review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline?” helps you activate Facebook Timeline Review option.

Once this is achieved the tagged photos and posts would no longer appear directly appear on you Facebook Wall but would wait for your approval before flashing visible. There are also many other options to play with if you want to curb the tagged photos and posts to be visible on your timeline. You can also change the “When you’re tagged in a post” option, by simply editing it to “Only Me”. This is for your friends who keep on tagging you on a regular basis. This option restricts your own circle of Facebook friends from viewing the photos and posts.

Your Own Posts

You can manage the visibility of your self-tagged photos and posts with the help of different privacy settings which helps you control the audience who can see it. Just next to the status update box, there is an audience selector drop-down. This helps in maintaining who can see what you are sharing and it remains active until this chosen setting is changed again.

Using the “More” menu on your timeline you can check that how your Facebook profile page appears to other people. Just simply click on “View As” and then after that make a selection from the given bar which is present at the top of the page. Facebook also has a Privacy Basics portal which is available to provide the users with information related to timelines, tagging and account settings.

Our Views

Facebook has emerged as an effective interactive medium for almost all of us. Managing a profile does require some additional knowledge and pre-requisite information. The tagged photos or posts by our friends and contacts are very annoying when we don’t want it to share it with the audience on our wall. The above-mentioned solutions are helpful to a maximum extent in restricting the people from whom you want to hide the material which appears on your timeline. You also learned on how to filter out tagged posts and photos which will only get a clearance to be visible on your profile only after your approval.

If you want to know more about your account and privacy settings, you can anyway refer to Facebook’s Privacy Basics. Your account on any social networking platform is your identity and this reflects your individuality to the wide audience. In order to maintain a good profile, such changes are necessary which stops your wall to be filled with useless posts and photos.

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