World’s Lightest Phone’ Elari NanoPhone C Review, Specifications, Price, Availability

Losing yourself in this world dominated by gadgets such as smartphones can be an easy task. Smartphones have taken over our lives with many people glued to their devices throughout the day. This is where Elari prides itself in launching in what it describes as the perfect anti-smartphone in the Indian market. Named NanoPhone C, this phone is available in the market for a price of Rs 3,940 and provides you with a good option to get off from the frenzy of apps and other cool stuff you can do on a normal smartphone.Elari NanoPhone C Review

Design and Build

The NanoPhone C is a stylish throwback to the age-old numeric pad devices. The device is made out of aluminum and has a keypad made out silicon which is roughly the size of your credit card. The device only weighs 30 grams and includes a TFT color display. Available only on, an online retail website, the device has only three color options – Black, Silver, and Rose Gold.


The biggest selling point of this device is that it is as different from a smartphone as you could ever imagine. The device has no front or rear camera available to click photos and doesn’t support Wi-Fi connectivity. The screen is a 1-inch long TFT Color display with a resolution of 96*128 pixels with no touchscreen capability.


While Elari has been generous enough to provide with double sim slots in the device, none of them actually supports 3G/4G/LTE connections. The slots are Micro-SIM GSM compatible. Other connectivity options such as USB OTG slot, GPS, Wi-Fi, Infrared, and NFC are unavailable for the device. You get a regular 3.5mm jack to plug in your headphones to listen to the downloaded songs on the device.


Withstanding to its tag of Anti-Smartphone, the NanoPhone C is devoid of any sensors you will find in many smartphones. Sensors such as Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Barometer, Temperature Sensor and Proximity Sensor are unavailable on the device.

Elari NanoPhone C Features

The Features of the Elari NanoPhone C device are mentioned below:

  1. ‘Anti-Smartphone’ Phone: This innovative device is true to its tag of anti-smartphone. The phone does not have any feature such as camera, touchscreen, 4G/LTE Connectivity, etc. which are associated with Smartphones. This device delivers on the promise of keeping people away from smartphones.
  2. Sleek, Stylish Design: The device has been brilliantly conceptualized and bought into life. This GSM phone can easily fit into the palms of your hand. The aluminum build and the silicon keypad doesn’t provide a cheap look to the device while keeping the weight of the device to a bare minimum.
  3. Bluetooth compatible: The Bluetooth compatibility feature of the NanoPhone C provides you with an option to pair the device with any smartphone via BT to receive or make calls. This BT module emits a lower radiation than a regular smartphone antenna. The BT pair feature also allows you to access the phonebooks of both the devices, the NanoPhone C and your connected Smartphone, on this device.
  4. Entertainment Device: One set of funny and entertaining feature that Elari has managed to deliver in this phone is the Magic Voice function. This feature allows you to prank call your friends by using a funny sound, making it an entertainment device.


Currently, the Elari NanoPhone C is available online across India at at a price of Rs. 3,940. Elari provides its customers with three different colors – Silver, Black and Rose Gold to choose their device from.

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