Microsoft Clarifies its Plans about MS Paint, It’s Statement was Misunderstood

The news came as a shocker from Microsoft when it announced the death of long-standing graphics editing program – MS Paint in the new Windows 10 Fall Creators’ Update. The emotions caught the sorrow as many of us had a number of sweet and sour childhood memories associated with it.  But, with an incredible support and love shown by the people for the MS Paint, the company had to take back its decision which was a great sign of relief for the Paint lovers. Microsoft introduced the all new Paint 3D with its Windows 10 creators Update released in the month of April, this year. It features the 3D image making tools along with some of the basic 2D image editing functions.MS Paint New Look Continue reading “Microsoft Clarifies its Plans about MS Paint, It’s Statement was Misunderstood”

6 Best VPN Extensions for Google Chrome Users

Virtual Private Network, better known as VPN is becoming increasingly popular yet important these days. For people who use Chrome, they want VPN extensions to venture into various sites. Although other browsers like Opera have their own VPN in the browser, Chrome lacks this and you have to depend upon other extensions. There are so many to choose from. Hence, we have come up with best VPN extensions for Chrome for you to choose from. Let’s have a look.Best VPN Extensions for Google Chrome Continue reading “6 Best VPN Extensions for Google Chrome Users”

Top 5 Online Tools to Convert Video to MP3 and Other Formats

Music is something which we can’t live without. It soothes our ears and our soul, solves our worries, and relaxes our mind. We love to listen to music every day. Now that we have mobile phones, most people prefer to keep their favorite music in their devices. But you can easily find your favorite song on YouTube, but it is difficult to get the mp3 on your phone with so many ad filled websites. This is where you can use various websites which will help you to convert your favorite song from YouTube into mp3 so that you can listen to it anytime you want.Online Video to MP3 Converter Continue reading “Top 5 Online Tools to Convert Video to MP3 and Other Formats”

China is Driving Half of Global Smart Speaker Growth

Who doesn’t love listening to loud tunes? We all do. These days the trend of Bluetooth speakers is raging like a bull. But, in that domain comes the market of an intelligent speaker range. Yes, there are intelligent wireless speakers too in the market. Like in all other domains of market, China leads here in terms of sales growth. Artificially Intelligent wireless speakers are the latest trend in market sales, much like AI-powered smartphones using voice app services. Continue reading “China is Driving Half of Global Smart Speaker Growth”