Top 7 Best Sewing Machines for Home Use in India

Sewing machines are not just about stitching and sewing but it is a bag full of fun and creativity that helps you to try out designs on different attires. Are you looking for a perfect sewing machine for home use? An efficient and good quality sewing machine helps to stitch fabric and clothes in time adding a professional look, encouraging innovation, nourishing your knack for the sense of fad. Here are some of the best sewing machine for home use in India that offers you advanced sewing technique clubbed with creativity and fun with its easy use.

Best Sewing Machines for Stitching and Embroidery

The list of top 7 sewing machines for home use in India is briefed below, highlighting their key points, sewing machine price list in India and rating in market. According to expert reviews, some of the best sewing machine brands in India come with tutorials that will help you learn and implement and come out with perfect fashionable attire. Check the latest sewing machines that will help you explore in the world of fashion creativity!Top 5 Sewing Machines in India for Beginners

Usha Janome Dream Sewing Machine

Usha is a trusted brand for sewing machines that has been serving for decades impeccably. The major highlights of this sewing machine that can also be considered as tips for buying a sewing machine are:

  1. It is easy and compact to use making it portable and handy.
  2. It allows circular stitching and is a free arm machine.
  3. Extremely light weight with a carrying handle at a price of 6626 INR and is available in online retailer sites with sewing machine buying guide.

Singer 1306 Sewing Machine

Singer 1306 is one of the best sewing machines for beginners with its easy sewing results and ease of use.

  1. It has 6 built in stitches including 4 basic, 1 buttonhole and 1 decorative.
  2. Free arm with heavy duty metal frame and a snap on the pressure feet are the other features.
  3. It allows easy threading saving time giving absolute professional look.
  4. It is available with almost sewing machine dealers at a fair price of just about 6220 INR.

Usha Janome Allure 75 Watt

The main highlights of one of the premium sewing machine companies in India are discussed below:

  1. Light weight and handy with a carrying handle.
  2. The sewing machine consist of 30 stitch functions including 4 step button holding, rolled hemming, zip fixing, button fixing and many more.
  3. The functional face plate is color coded with 2 dials for stitch length section and pattern. It is available at a price of 9015 INR making it one of the best sewing machines for stitching and embroidery.

Computerized Brother FS 101 Sewing Machine

As the name suggests it is a computerized sewing machine with 8 button holes.

  1. It has 100 stitch number with 55 alphanumeric stitches and a built in threader.
  2. The market price of this, one of the top rated sewing machines is around 16500 INR.

Usha Janome Prima Stitch

It is the 5th best sewing machines that are being widely used in India.

  1. It has an automatic zig-zag machine with a free arm that allows comfort while doing circular stitching
  2. It comprises of 6 built-in stitches, 4 step button holding and allows single touch reverse stitch.
  3. 3 years manufacturing warranty is an icing on the cake that helps it reliable in the market of small businesses.

Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

The Singer Promise 1408 sewing machine is highly effective and popularly used sewing machine rendering promising and professional results.

  1. 8 built in stitches with 4 step automatic button-hole helps you to make an absolute great finishing.
  2. Easy threading saves time.
  3. The heavy duty metal frame allows staunch support but allows skip-free sewing with comfort. The comparison chart of all these sewing machines makes Singer promise 1408 a reliable purchase for most customers at a price of 9100 INR.

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

It is the 7th best sewing machine in India that has 7 in built stitch patterns.

  1. A free arm for circular stitching adds to ease of use this machine.
  2. It also has a 4 step button holes with 24 stitch functions and a manufacturer warranty of 2 years even while purchasing this sewing machine online.

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