6 Best Free Call Recording Apps for Windows Phone: Top Voice Recorder Mobile Applications

In today’s world, people wish to have all the more features added to their cell phones. For the same, there are times when it becomes necessary to record your phone calls. There are many call recording apps available for other operating system platforms but few for windows phones. Some hardware restrictions make it difficult to develop call recording apps for Windows phone. But there is always a way out.

Top 6 Call Recorder Apps for Microsoft Lumia Phones

Let us divert your attention to some of the best free call recording mobile apps for Windows phones which should be definitely downloaded to record incoming and outgoing calls. You can easily record your voice calls on Microsoft Lumia Smartphones by using the below voice recorder mobile applications:Call Recording Apps for Windows Phone

Windows Call Recorder

‘Windows Call Recorder’ is a free third party application which helps you record phone calls.  It has been approved by Windows Mobile Corporation. This is one of those voice call recorder apps which saves your recordings in mp3 file formats and helps you store it on your cloud storage. The recordings can be prioritized by marking them as important. The file format also makes it easy to share and there is a security feature to protect your recordings under a password.


It is another one of the best voice recording apps of all times. As the name suggests, this app is for professionals. It is used by law enforcement and legal firms to capture outgoing and incoming calls without using any extra hardware or software. RecordiaPro has unlimited online secure storage, which is available for paid users only. All the calls once recorded get stored in a digital environment and can be accessed by the user via the web.

Auto Call Recorder

This is one of those automatic call recorder apps that are very simple and easy to use. By simple and easy, we mean that whenever you receive or make an incoming call, ‘Auto Call Recorder’ app automatically sets off a trigger in the application which helps to record the conversation. Once the call is over, it automatically saves the required file in a folder which is pre-specified by you. It is a simple and sophisticated Windows App for call recording.

Call Recorder for WP8

This app comes up with a little different call recording technology. It recommends you to make a phone call and open the application in the background. While the application makes a new phone call to the company’s recording line, it keeps your call on hold. Once the recording line is connected, you have to merge the 2 calls in order to record the call. The first 10 minutes are free and then the user has to pay. Enjoy watching live streaming of latest videos via apk uktvnow on your smartphones free of cost.

Resco Audio Recorder

This audio call recording apps for Microsoft Lumia phones is not a simple call recording application. It has the dual features of call recording and can be used as a voice recorder too. This app makes sure that you don’t miss out on any of the most important meeting talks and lectures. It has a built in feature to detect sound and start recording as soon as it detects sound. It can be turned into a call recorder while turning the speakerphone on in a phone call.


‘Live Personal Voice Recorder’ is abbreviated to LivePVR and is a call recording software which has 2 modes, namely Automatic and Manual. Automatic mode records all the phone calls you make, while the manual one only records the next phone call when you turn it on. It has one hardware drawback that it would work when the phone call is taken on speaker mode.

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