5 Best Washing Machines to Buy this Year and Save on your Energy Bills

Washing machines are one of the biggest necessities in every household. As the years have passed on, the technology has advanced and hence much more superior and better models of washing machines have come out. Various big brands have updated their existing models with new features which make the job of washing clothes much easier and also maintain the quality of the cloth in a much better way while using less detergent and water.Best Washing Machines in India

The Best Washing Machines for the Year

Now, there are a number of washing machines which arrived this year, and some of them are absolutely outstanding. We have shortlisted the best washing machines to buy in India. Have a look at them below-

IFB Senorita Aqua SX Front-loading Washing Machine

This one is the best rated washing machines in the market right now. It is a fully-automatic front loading washing machine. It has a load capacity of 6.5 kg and comes with some amazing features like the 3-dimensional wash system which uses a special water spray system, an Aqua-energie filter which treats hard water, and an auto imbalance system to evenly distribute the load during washing. It is available at around 30,000 INR and is one of the best washing machines around.

LG F1091NDL2

The LG F1091NDL2 is one of the best fully automatic washing machines in the market presently. The customers who already have this one hold it in a high regard. It is a front loading machine. It has a capacity of 6kg. Its best feature is the Express wash option. It cleans clothes within 30 minutes. It also has a baby wash feature. This feature ideally washes delicate clothes of kids.

Bosch WAK20160IN

Bosch is one of the most reputed Washing Machine brands in India. The WAK20160IN is one of the best models of the company. It comes with some great features like anti-vibration system for a quieter wash, the multiple water protection, the active water, and the foam detection system which monitors the water levels during wash cycles. This is quite affordable too and is hence one of the best automatic washing machines.

IFB Elena Aqua SX

This is an affordable machine which provides good value for money. It has many great features. Its 2D-water system ensures that the detergent dissolves 100% in water. It helps to permeate detergent through the clothes. This gives a thorough wash along with deep rinsing. It has a crescent moon shaped drum for better cleaning. This is the best semi-automatic washing machines for mid-range buyers.

Electrolux EF60ERWH

This machine has a loading capacity of 6 kg. It is fully automatic front loading machine. It has a 2 years warranty. It is eco-friendly and has variable spin speeds & temperatures. The quick wash feature provides the fastest wash when compared to others. It washes clothes in just 15 minutes. If you want to quickly get the job done, then get the best automatic washing machines.

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