Virtual Private Network, better known as VPN is becoming increasingly popular yet important these days. For people who use Chrome, they want VPN extensions to venture into various sites. Although other browsers like Opera have their own VPN in the browser, Chrome lacks this and you have to depend upon other extensions. There are so many to choose from. Hence, we have come up with best VPN extensions for Chrome for you to choose from. Let’s have a look.Best VPN Extensions for Google Chrome

Best VPN Extensions for Chrome Browser

They have many uses for organizations to normal individuals. While organizations can provide easy functionality to their work from home employees, normal individuals can circumnavigate restrictions of their geographical area and venture into sites beyond limitations. You can download Psiphon for Windows 10 for better use. Let us have a look over some of the best Google Chrome browser extensions below:


It came up in 2014 and has been quite popular ever since. It has half a million installs on the Chrome Store with an average rating of above 4 stars from more than 5k reviews, making it one of the best VPN for Chrome. The best features about it are that you get unlimited bandwidth, 12 virtual locations of some major countries and unlimited switching between any of the locations. It’s also the most secured VPN with 4096-bit key encryption.

Hotspot Shield

This is a new entrant on the Chrome store. Being operated by Anchor Free, a dominant name in this industry, it is a free VPN extension which is available for download on all major platforms. It has most major countries as location and is quite reliable as well. It also offers a premium version providing better security and some extra features for those who are interested, which takes it amongst the best chrome extensions. It offers unlimited bandwidth to all users installing its extension.

Browsec VPN

This is a great Chrome VPN extension offering many great features. The users can access sites from anywhere and have an advanced privacy protection. It has a vast reach over geo-blocking and some sites with strict blocking in some regions can also be accessed by it. This VPN extension for Chrome is available for download from the Chrome store for free.

TunnelBear VPN

This is the highest rated Google Chrome VPN extension on the chrome store, with over 10.5k reviews and yet having an unprecedented 5 stars. It has been around for many years now and its user base has grown over the time with many satisfied users. It offers an encrypted proxy and works well with every location. Its servers are available in 20 countries worldwide, and hence you should not hesitate to download this best free VPN for Chrome.

CyberGhost VPN

This is amongst the top rated VPN extensions for Google Chrome and one of the most secured VPN offering great privacy. It blocks thousands of ads and malicious links and sites, providing the users a smooth experience. It provides anonymous and hack-free browsing and worldwide geo-blocking along with unlimited access. Also, with this Google Chrome VPN extension, you can compress your data to use mobile hotspots and make a secured HTTPS connection whenever it is available.

ZenMate VPN

This is one of the best VPN extensions for Chrome. It has highly secured proxy servers throughout the world. These high class servers not only encrypt your data, but also provide you safety from malicious websites. Also, when you use Wi-Fi and are on unsecured public networks, it provides an extra defensive line to help the users overcome geo-blocking. There are some other features as well which are available with the premium version of the extension which can be availed at a price of $7.99, which makes it one of the top VPN extensions for Google Chrome.

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