The brand-new PlayStation VR headset compatible with PlayStation 4 Pro has revolutionized the gaming industry. To make the best use of this VR headset, Sony has done a remarkable job to bring the Oculus Rift and HTC vive games to support on the PS4 and the headset. Additionally, Sony is doing its own bit to develop a couple of their own games for the device.Best PS VR Games

Best PlayStation VR Games you will Love to Play

Already, a number of PlayStation VR headset compatible games have been available in the market. Let us take a look at the list of PlayStation VR games currently on sale in the market.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

You might be confused about the game at first but this first-person multiplayer shooter VR game is among the best PlayStation VR games launched till date. You are seated inside a mach cockpit and you have to turn your head to the sides to aim. The matches include a death-match and a football mode.

Batman Arkham VR

Everyone’s favorite superhero is also now available on the VR headset. The latest Arkham game edition is also available for your PlayStation VR which makes it among the best PlayStation VR Games in the market. The story mode in the game revolves around a murder mystery in full comic book theme. The story moves around in a slow pace and has a dark mood around it.

Rez Infinite

Another top game in our PlayStation VR Games list is the PS VR headset compatible Rez infinite which is the remake of the psychedelic rail-shooter Rez from Sega. The game was first available for the PlayStation 2 and the remastered edition has added VR support and improved the graphics of the game. The game is full of intense visuals and graphics and the music is one of the best you would ever find.

I Expect you to Die

One of our personal favorite virtual reality games is this spy-themed game. The escape-the-room puzzler is filled with a number of tricky situations which you have to avoid or solve to escape the room. You would need to use your brain wisely to come up with a strategy before you are dragged down to hell in the room.

The London Heist (VR Worlds)

The London Heist is among the best VR Games you can play on the PS VR headset. The game forms its base around London’s criminal underground world. The game requires you to make the full use of the ‘Move’ controllers in both your hand to add realism to the game. You can duck for cover, smoke a cigar, manually reload your guns and hang out of windows in the virtual reality classic. The only downside – the gameplay is only 30 minutes long.


Thumper takes VR Gaming to an all-new level. This ‘Rhythm Violence’ game will provide you with a very intense experience. The gameplay involves you to use your DualShock Controller to strike a drum beat. You need to cross a number of obstacles and rhythm combos to bring the big bosses down in the game. The graphics stand out which makes the game very unique.

Eagle Fight

Launched first as an experimental demo by Ubisoft, the Eagle Fight has now been completed to be an official PlayStation Virtual reality gaming title. It is one of the third person VR games where you need to fly an eagle over the human-less streets of Paris. On the flip side, those streets are full of animals. The ‘3v3 capture the prey’ multiplayer mode is loads of fun while the story missions might feel boring at first they certainly capture your imagination as you play further in the game.

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