iPhone and iPad have been very popular devices among the people these days. They are the status-quo in the society and with the devices running on the latest iOS 10; they mark the standard bearer in the industry. You can use your iPhone or iPad to perform a number of tasks including watching movies, listening to songs, taking pictures and more. Most youngsters, however, use their device to play latest horror games.

Best Free Horror Games for iOS Devices

The iOS app store is full of a number of creepy iPhone horror games. These games include scenes which can be bowel-emptying terror for most users. However, to make things easy for you, we have decided to pick our best free horror games for iPhone and iPad.Free Scary Games for iPhone, Top-rated Horror iOS Games to Play

Blood Mary – Ghost Adventure

If you are looking forward to playing a mixture of adventurous game with paranormal presence, then the Blood Mary project is the one for you. It is one of the scariest iPhone games and is not for faint-hearted. The game is divided into several chapters which each chapter added to the story as an individual update to the app. The games provide a personalized experience for every player in a way that you can write your own end of the story.

Murder Room

Another top iOS horror games free available on the app store is the Murder Room. The game plot revolves around you being placed in a serial killer’s shoe and is on a quest to discover surprising items and news clippings inside a shabby looking bloody apartment. Solve puzzles to uncover new facts and secrets about the place to escape from the prison.

Dead Trigger 2

A first person shooter game, ‘Dead Trigger 2’ wants you to point and shoot zombies with your heavy gun. These zombies would be coming up to you in heaps to hurt you and your objective is to kill them before they capture you. Along the way, you can pick up pieces of armors and save other members of your resistance team to assist you in attacking the zombies. You can download this free deadly mobile horror game for iOS from their app store.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

One of the spooky iPad games, ‘Dark Meadow’, revolve around the plot that you awake from a condition of unconsciousness inside a hospital and are uncertain of the fact how you ended up there. An old person warns you about a minion of a beautiful witch which roams around the hall to look for living people. You are armed by a sword and a crossbow and have to kill the witch to escape from the torment. You also have to collect a number of hidden paper scraps to know more about the mystery of your imprisonment and look for money to buy weapons and other equipment.

Into the Dead

‘Into the Dead’ is among the top rated horror games for iPad. This game throws you inside the scary world of a zombie apocalypse. You have to move your feet as fast as you can and do whatever it is necessary to survive. The game uses excellent visual graphics combined with spooky sound to create the aura of fear in the game player’s mind. As your level in the game increase, you can unlock new missions and weapons to help you in the game.

Living Dead City

Another top app on the list of best mobile horror games,Living Dead City’ sees you as a part of an elite member of the Special Forces squad. The main task of the squad is to kill the dead people. The city comes under the threat of a deadly mutation virus which mistakenly is released from the lab and turning the place into a zombie city. The game wants you to do everything possible to retrieve the anti-virus dose to stop the spread of the virus. Run, shoot or kill the zombies and recover the anti-virus to save the city.

Eyes: The Horror Game

‘Eyes’ is one of the best scary games for iPad currently available on the app store. The plot of the game involves you to steal as much treasure as you can and make your escape from the place before a terrifying spirit find out about you. Each new session of the game sees the treasure location to be randomized so that you need to make different strategies to run and hide from the spirit every time you play the game.

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