Top 5 Best Free 4k Video Player for Mac – Experience the Pure UHD Graphics

The technology is advancing with a glooming pace. The advancements in the industry are giving rise to new and improved products to enhance the experience of the end user. The televisions, camcorders, and other such products are sticking to the 4K resolution making the users feel as if they are sitting in a movie theater. But is it possible to play 4K videos on Mac without deteriorating the video quality? Yes, it is possible. All thanks to the high-end video players available across the internet. If you own a Mac devices and looking for the best free 4K video players for Mac then you must scroll through this list.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media PlayerVLC is one of the finest video players for Mac computers. It is capable of playing the files and codecs that might cause trouble to other programs. Initially, there was no 4K support in the VLC player. The developers revamped its 2.1 version and added the 4K support to it. It supports a number of codecs making it easy to play just any type of video. VLC is flexible video players that supports bare-bones graphical interface.


  • Supports different video formats.
  • Supports bare-bones graphical interface
  • 8K video playback supported.


  • Unable to play protected videos or DVDs.
  • It lags as compared to other video players.


5K Player for MacIf you want something really extraordinary then going with the 5KPlayer is the best option. It is a free 4K media players specifically designed to work in the Mac environment. You can watch the videos with 4K UHD resolutions, no matter what the video format is. You can even download the videos you are watching online or can take the screenshots while watching them. Not only this, it also supports the Blu-Ray videos as well as the Play 360º Virtual Reality videos.


  • It supports AirPlay Media Streamer.
  • You can watch Ultra HD and Blu-ray videos as well.
  • It provides a 3-D user experience.


  • The video download process is a bit slower.
  • It lags with H264 file format.

DivX Player

DivX Player for MacIt is another media player that supports the video playback up to 4K resolution. It is highly optimized for playing the videos in MKV, AVI, HVEC, MP4, DivX, and other formats as well. You can easily fast rewind or fast forward the scenes. The user-friendly interface makes it really simple for you to create playlists, switch to different soundtracks and play with different options available in the DivX player. You will be stunned by the video quality offered by this media player.


  • It supports DivX HEVC video with the HEVC Plugin.
  • Smoothly play the ultra HD videos without any lag.


  • Everyone doesn’t have the DivX Codec.
  • Few video formats supported.

AiseeSoft 4K Blu-ray Player

AiseeSoft 4K Blu-ray PlayerAnother awesome player that can play the videos in ultra HD quality is 4K Blu-ray player by AiseeSoft. It can easily play the media files smoothly without any lag. You can easily play the Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray ISO files, Blu-ray Folder, and 4K videos on this player. Experience the lifelike audio effect with DTS-HD Codecs and Dolby TrueHD. It supports a number of media formats.


  • Play the 4K movies, scenes, and media smoothly.
  • Improve the Blu-ray movie experience.


  • Most of the powerful features are available in its pro version.
  • Do not work efficiently on dual-core Mac computer.


MPlayerX for MacThis lightweight media player has been developed specifically for the Mac users. It takes low CPU memory and supports nearly every file format. You can sync it with Apple Remote. You can control the subtitles, video quality, audio effects, and other settings available in this media player. If you have a low-end Mac device then you can try this media player at least once.


  • Supports all video and audio formats.
  • It has support for the subtitles.


  • It injects the pop-up ads.
  • Needs extra configuration for the audio playback.

The Last Words

So, these were some of the best video players for Mac device. If you own a Mac device and are searching for some of the best video players then definitely scroll through this list and mind the superb one for your device.

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