Top 6 Best Battery Saver Apps to Save your Android Smartphone’s Battery From Getting Exhausted

Smartphones are the most important thing in today’s world. To do almost every kind of work, you need a smartphone. Android smartphones are the taste of the market these days. They are cheap, affordable and offer some great features & quick functionality. Although, Android smartphones give you the freedom to do all your tasks with great ease, but the biggest problem with these phones are their short battery lives. They barely last for a day which means that the users have to always worry about charging the phone.Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Smartphones

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Smartphones

There are various ways and tricks through which you can reduce the power consumption of your phone to ensure a longer lasting battery. There are many apps in the market which you could download for free and save your battery. Some of battery saver apps for Android smartphones are listed below –

Battery Saver

This is one of the best battery saver apps for Android which is available on the PlayStore right now. The basic functionality of this app includes monitoring other apps and giving info as to which ones are most effective on battery. It comes with Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth etc. toggles to make device usage much easier. It has a great impact on saving your phone’s battery as the general consensus amongst users is that the overall battery life improved significantly after installing this app.

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This is a great battery saving app for Android. It works on both rooted and unrooted devices. The basic function which this app does is to give the users a plethora of information on how the apps on their phone are behaving. With this information, you can clearly know which apps are affecting your battery life the most and hence can work upon them. This app is completely free but you can donate to them if you like their services.

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GSam Battery Monitor

This app has both a free version and a paid version with some added features. The key feature which comes with this app is known as App Sucker, whose basic function is to analyze all the battery draining apps and allow the user to kill them. Besides this, the app also gives various other information such as wakelocks, wake time, CPU and sensor usage, which helps you to analyze where all your battery is draining up so that you can work upon it and save some of it. This makes it one of the greatest battery saving apps for Android.

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Avast Battery Saver

Avast is a popular brand for their range of anti-malwares. Now they have come up with their own app to help the Android users to save some battery. The Avast Battery Saver is one of the greatest battery saving apps for Android. It allows the users to regulate various aspects of their smartphone in order to save battery. It kills over consuming apps and also gives you side by side info about where your battery is draining the most. The detailed information can be used to regulate the actions of battery consuming apps and services.

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Battery Optimizer and Cleaner

While all the other battery saver apps provides features especially for the battery, this is one amazing app, the best battery saver for Android, which takes care of your battery and provides many other features as well side by side. The other valuable features which you get include memory cleaner, mobile data manager amongst many others. This helps in keeping your phone junk free and super fast and ensures that you never overuse your mobile data. It’s battery saving tricks are better than you would expect as it makes the battery last for longer than a day.

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DU Battery Saver

This is of the most popular battery saver apps on the Google PlayStore. The fact that it has been downloaded more than 400 million times from the PlayStore speaks volumes about how well this app works. It comes with various sorts of tweaks and other optimizations to improve the battery life of your phone. Some of these tweaks include the one-click option and the pre-set modes. One of the best features offered by this app is the phone cooler feature which provides added hardware protection. This app is absolutely free to download.

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