There has been a lot of news about the security of Android devices. The manufacturers and developers of this OS have been a lot concerned about making the system secure and more usable for the users. The flexibility of OS phones on almost everything keeps them exposed to a number of threats which is why it is important to make sure that the system is protected with the help of different antivirus software.Antivirus apps for Android smartphones

Top 5 Best Android Antivirus for your Smartphone

There is no doubt to the fact that amount of malware existing on Android has been increasing day by day, and this fact is not left hidden from any of the developers or customers of Android devices. The different kinds of applications have been developed in the market for the convenience of customers and also to make sure that data within the device of customers’ remains protected. We have brought forward some of the useful applications which can be used by customers for data security.

Avast Free Mobile Security

One of the best things about the application is that it is available for free for the customers. Hence they need not spend even a single penny to avail it. Avast application includes anti-malware and anti-theft features which keep the phone protected during web browsing and prompts the user if any of the malicious sites is visited. The option of blocking SMS and calls is also available for the customers, thus allowing the customer to customize their calls according to their wish. The application is also capable of conducting a scan of the apps already installed on the phone and on your SD card, which clearly implies that this antivirus has a larger scope in comparison to other applications available in the market.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security Antivirus is also available for free to the customers. The customers can ensure security and backup photos, transfer data, call history and various other data on the phone using this antivirus. It also has malware protection which protects the device against all sorts of viruses and corrupted files. The basic version of the app is available for free to the customers. However, the upgraded version with add-on features is available at premium prices of USD 2.99 per month. The application also conducts a regular scan of Android device. Though, it is not capable of scanning the SD card which is one of the drawbacks of Lookout Mobile Security but still provides you enough security. The feature of maintaining backups also allows the customer to specify timelines for taking backup of the data stored within the device.


Symantec security software protects the device against any kind of theft or loss and also allows the user to block irrelevant calls and texts. The premium services on this app are again available at additional charges allowing customers to enjoy extended features of the app. With this, the user can conduct scans of their phone devices and SD cards, either on demand or on the basis of pre-decided schedules.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus has not been much known in the market, but this light and the effective app have emerged as one of the most powerful applications for protection and security of phones. With this application, one can expect malware protection and also can expect robust protection from any kind of corrupted programs. It is fully competent and easy to use hence customers of any sort can easily install and make use of this app for the protection of their device. However, the application does not have any scheduled scanning system, thus making it lack behind from other applications available in the market.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

One of the most popular android antivirus software which can be used for protecting computer systems and also Android-based devices is McAfee Mobile Security. The software has amazing protection features which are completely capable of taking care of your device against any kind of threat or components which can affect its security. It has been designed with all user-friendly features and guides which make it one of the easiest applications for the customers. The guide and helpful notes are also provided in the app can be referred to in situations when customers are not aware of the right or proper way of using it. The application also has a premium version which can be accessed in case customer wish to enjoy add-on features of the application.

Our Views

Users thus using Android smartphones can install any of the above-mentioned antivirus applications and ensure that their device remains protected from any of the probable security threats which can infect the device. However, before making choice of any of the applications it is important to make sure that genuine and good applications are chosen which are capable of delivering results to the customer and can also protect the device from any kind of viruses which may pose a danger to the security of the device.

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