Top 5 Best Android Fitness Apps to Check your Health – Stay Fit!

In today’s busy world, everyone wants to be rich but no one wants to be fit. There can’t be anything better than getting into shape and having a toned body. Fitness has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Physical fitness not only improves your health and body but it also in enhancing your looks and mental fitness. By doing exercise you not only sweat your fat out but also releases stress and anxiety. Technology is advancing day by day. It has really made our lives easier. But still, many people have the misconception that emergence of technology has destroyed our health.Best Android Fitness Apps

Top 5 Best Android Fitness Apps

The World is becoming smarter day by day, and thus the smartphones. Android apps are very much in trend today. With smartphones, the idea of being fit and toned has also emerged. Here are the best Android fitness apps, to keep an eye on your daily fitness routine.


Fitbit is an ultimate health and fitness app. It keeps track on all your activities impeccably. It has the ability to map all routes you follow. It can be any route you take while running, cycling, etc. Furthermore, it also counts your steps, how you sleep and many more other things. Its quick calorie estimator and meal shortcuts will help you to maintain a log of your daily calories count. Besides making logs for activities and calories, it also helps you in staying focused and motivated. You can set your own weight and activity goals. It also notifies you about your set goals. You can even share your stats with your friends and families using Fitbit. It is available free for both Android and iOS. It’s an easy way to stay fit with just a finger swipe.

Fitness Buddy

With Fitness Buddy app you will get a mixed bag of videos, tips, exercises, and full workout routine. Browse more than 75 adaptable workouts, and 1,700 exercises to locate the particular case that matches your way of life, objectives, and wellness level. Doesn’t matter whether you are doing exercise at home or in the gym, you will get to know about numerous amounts of exercises with this app. It is a must have app for all fitness freaks.  It is just like your fitness trainer invented to provide you more customizable and effective fitness sessions. With its tracking software, you can easily measure your weight and body measurements. Fitness Buddy is available for free on Windows, iOS, and Google PlayStore.


BodySpace joins an accumulation of top of the line workouts planned by expert coaches and competitors with a vast online group of similarly invested fitness lovers. Pick the workout on the basis of your age, fitness level, sexual orientation, and objectives. Watch videos and read instructional guides to know about the tips to do exercise in a safe manner and speak with the BodySpace group for inspiration and tips. With BodySpace you can even share your stats and other content on different social media sites. You can even view your past workouts and check past results for every activity. Furthermore, there’s more than simply tracking. We bail you get the most out of your time in the exercise center. Stir up your workouts with new moves from BodySpace exercise database. You can get it free on both iTunes and Google Play.

Jillian Michaels Slim-Down

Fitness master Jillian Michaels made the Slim-Down project to propel you to change your life through weight reduction (when required) and muscle conditioning. This app has it all. To use this app you have to do is create an account first. After creating your profile and filling all the information, you can start your exercise and nutrition routine. Tracking fitness has been simplified with the Slim-Down app. You can create your own healthy lifestyle by making meal plans, fitness routines, and recipes. Regardless of the fact that you are not hoping to lose weight, this application is incredible for maintenance and simply tracking. It is not only an extraordinary app for following calories but it also tracks micronutrients including- total calories, aggregate fat, immersed fat, cholesterol, sodium, absolute carbs, fiber, sugar, and protein. You can use this app on both iTunes and Google play for free.

JEFIT Workout

If you want to be a bodybuilder then this app is for you. It helps you to follow your goals, stay healthier, and motivated. Using this App, you can create your personalized workout routines. It is easy to track your progress with JEFIT. It offers an easy to use interface which makes it easy to use. JEFIT database contains more than 1300 exercises and over 2000 communities to help you with your exercise routine. The communities help you to stay motivated and you can connect with your friends and other members. You can access your logs anytime and anywhere using this app. It offers two-way synchronizations i.e. you can synchronize all your data, workouts and routines from the app to your desktop. Other than weightlifting, it also gives information about cardio and yoga. You can download this app from iTunes and Google Play for free.

Our Views

These were some of the best fitness apps that can motivate you to stay fit and look stunning. Nowadays, millions of Android apps are launched on a daily basis on the Google Play Store that only makes people a couch potato. Besides these apps, few more apps are there (discussed above), that won’t make you a couch potato. Life is busy, everyone wants to be rich and successful. In this hassle life, people forget their health; they forget that wealth only comes if you have a good health. So, try these apps and make your life healthier and wealthier.

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