A very common name in the market of Smartphone is the iPhone. IPhone was designed launched by Apple incorporation. It runs on IOS operating system. Its first series was marketed on 29th June, 2007. The last recent model of iPhone i.e. iPhone 7 was released on 21st March, 2016. An iPhone supports multiple feature like video shooting, capturing photos, playing music, browsing web, and many more. One of the great features is the availability of apps to download music on iPhone free.

Best iOS Apps for Listening Songs

There are some of the best free music apps for iPhone where you get high quality music with wide range of options as well. So, go for any of them and enjoy the free music. Some of the best apps are discussed below:

Free Music Apps for iPhone


This app provides best music services to the iPhone users. The interface is very usable and there is separated group of each genre including rock, bass and many more. To find any track, just search it. Although used for streaming, Spotify can also save the music for playing it offline. To use it, add the music to playlist and to play it offline go to the song and click on available offline. Wait for the download and in the play store, enable the offline mode.


This is a free music app used for streaming. This is one of the best iPhone apps for downloading free music as with this app you do not need to take care about the downloads, managing storage space and other issues. It allows user to perform streaming of the song on the basis of the YouTube search. There is a favorite option where all the favorite compositions can be added.


This app works same as Spotify. You get access to high quality music. The app supports the facility of sharing music and also you can listen to the music offline. So with this, the favorite tracks of your can be saved to the iPhone and without the internet you can listen to the songs. Just run the app and click on the album. Then click on offline toggle present beside the album and wait for the download to get completed.

Freelegal Music

This is a free app to be downloaded where you get full music download for free. There are more than 7 million songs available at the store. You will get music from all over the world here. Just download the app and search for the song in the library. Then press the download button. The interface of the app is very easy to be used and there is a big song database available.

Beats Music

This is one of the best apps for downloading music which makes the music streaming faster and also the downloading is easy. For every genre, there are more than 20 million songs available on beats music app. So, you get a vast ocean of best music collection here. Just download this app and install it. Then select the music you want to play and play it. To download it, click on the download button.

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